EP: Falling With Style – Lost And Found

Release Date: March 30th 2015
Label: Unsigned
Website: www.fallingwithstyleband.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/fallingwithstyleband
Twitter: www.twitter.com/fwsofficial


Coming straight out of Wales, post-hardcore unit Falling With Style have come a long way in such a small amount of time. Releasing a somewhat mini-album, EP, or whatever you want to call it, the Welsh outfit channel some of their youthful angst and ability in the space of just six whole tracks with ‘Lost And Found’.

The band say they’re influenced by such famous similar acts as A Day To Remember and Silverstein. One particular noticeable influence is that of Protest The Hero, as a lot of the lead vocal harmonies and soaring choruses come across as a salute to the American technical wizards. Take the projected vocal line “You can be the thorn in my side” in ‘Solace And Safety’.

Don’t get this twisted though, Falling With Style certainly have a lot of quality in their arsenal. From the sombre openings of ‘Pilot’ to the crunching screamed vocals on ‘Half Measures’, a track that wouldn’t go amiss on an early Funeral For A Friend record.

Yet, perhaps that’s where Falling With Style find themselves, in a state of emulation as opposed to nailing the sound in one record. But, that’s not to say that they aren’t incapable within the scene. The lead harmonic guitar in ‘Deathbeds’ demonstrates promise and capability, not to mention the vocals sit comfortably on every track.

As a body of work, Falling With Style could certainly go places with this. ‘Half Measures’ catches the youngsters at their strongest, while ‘Solace And Safety’ offers a finishing singalong that would go down well among a live audience. But, at the moment it seems like early days and laying the blueprints.

If they keep their hands on the steering wheel and their feet on the gas, then Falling With Style will certainly be ‘found’, and the comparisons to Funeral For A Friend and Protest The Hero will be a distant memory. You could even say they will be ‘lost’!

Written by Calv Robinson (@CalvParty)