EP: Every Time I Die – Salem

Release Date: June 12th 2015
Record Label: Epitaph Records
Website: www.everytimeidie.net
Facebook: www.facebook.com/everytimeidie
Twitter: www.twitter.com/everytimeidie


Ah, Record Store Day, a time where fans and artists alike are brought together to celebrate the culture of independently owned record stores. On this day (the third Saturday of April, every year), a limited run of records are released and only distributed in participating shops. But, let’s not be naive here, shall we?

In the same way that Valentine’s Day isn’t about love, Record Store Day isn’t about music. It may as well be called Major Record Label Day; just take a look at what’s being released. You have many albums from huge labels such as Columbia, Atlantic, Warner Bros. and Legacy, not to mention all the pointless re-releases like ‘Never Mind The Bollocks’, ‘Get Behind Me Satan’, and even the fucking Bee Gees.

Thankfully, though, amongst all the gaudy corporate cash-cow projects, there are more than a few wonderful gems that have been lovingly crafted by artists and small labels alike. One of which is the stunning ‘Salem’ EP from southern hardcore quintet Every Time I Die.

Like Amazon Prime on Christmas Eve, fuck me, does this 4-track EP deliver, opening with a monumental cover of Nirvana‘s erratic ‘Tourette’s’, which lends itself perfectly to Keith Buckley‘s harsh incoherent screams and sweet malevolent southern licks of Jordan Buckley‘s and Andy Williams‘ guitars. Fuelled by the ferocity of last year’s ‘From Parts Unknown’, the remaining tracks contain all the fury and chaos of the past release, signalling also that ETID are far from done with their dabble in technical metal.

We all know by now that ETID are an exceptional band, one that doesn’t sit still for a minute and never makes the same album twice. Even with this simple and short EP they went above and beyond, creating a 9-miunte aural skull fuck.

Written by Andy Roberts (@Sassensquatch)