EP: Eva Plays Dead – Sounds Of The Written Word

Release Date: July 17th 2015
Label: Soundhub Records
Website: www.evaplaysdead.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/evaplaysdead
Twitter: www.twitter.com/evaplaysdead


Still in the early stages of their career, straight-talking edgy rockers Eva Plays Dead have managed to put together a nifty EP full of potential and intrigue. ‘Sounds Of The Written Word’ arrives through the popular fan pledge medium, enabling the East Midlands band to release a well-produced, professional record with a sound that Eva Plays Dead are looking to trademark as their own.

Frontwoman Tiggy Dee spearheads the group with her vicious style that floods the record with attitude to match the licks that Matt Gascoyne delivers. The combination leaves a Heaven’s Basement feel in your ears when Dee reaches the excitement levels of ‘Bad Girl’, yet the impressive end to the song does highlight how the band do rely on the vocals as the verses in ‘Wonderland’ do stall somewhat, despite the promising funky introduction.

New single ‘Live Again’ showcases the melodic sing-a-long side to Eva Plays Dead by slowing the tempo to allow for a sassy chorus, and builds up to a climax of solos to finish with style. The best is saved for last, as ultimate track ‘1950s Woman’ picks the best pieces of the four songs before it and builds the ideal path for the Nottingham band to walk down.

Fast-paced rock ‘n’ roll proves to be the best style for the band who will learn and progress from their time creating ‘Sounds Of The Written Word’ and only get better in time. The static sections don’t quite allow the 5-track record to flow, but EPs are made to help you find your feet and work out what the strengths and weaknesses in your songwriting in time for when you eventually pen a full-length. Eva Plays Dead have the ability to make top music, but need to tweak their sound just a little to do so.

Written by Michael Heath (@MikeBeef)