EP: Eulogy – Eternal Worth

Release Date: November 6th 2015
Label: Holy Roar Records
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/eulogyuk
Twitter: www.twitter.com/eulogyuk


Like Eulogy‘s latest stunning release, ‘Eternal Worth’, this review is going to be kept short, sharp, and to the point. Pressing play on the ‘Eternal Worth’ record is like getting hit in the face by Thor’s Hammer as you are instantly struck by this glorious yet unfathomably heavy metal phenomenon that leaves you either awestruck and/or dead.

Their sound is a cataclysmic orgy of all the best genres, on par with those at the Playboy Mansion. Punk, hardcore, grunge, sludge, doom – it’s all in there, and it’s all glorious. Take for example ‘Birth Coma’, which transports you to a bleak, desolate moor where the looming black metal cloaks you like fog, easing you into a dismal meditation when suddenly four arms shoot out of the mist, grasping at your neck forcing you to headbang to the most furious of riffs.

Despite all of the venom and fury contained within the lyrics, there’s a sprinkle of bounce and frivolity to ‘Eternal Worth’. One that will put a smile on your face whilst you’re bouncing around a vicious circle pit. Basically, this is an essential record for ANY metal fan, one brimming with inspired, murderous riffs, and lyrics grimmer than a weekend t’up north.

Written by Andy Roberts (@sassensquatch)