EP: Don Broco – You Wanna Know

Release Date: October 13th, 2013
Label: Search & Destroy Records
Website: www.donbroco.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/donbroco
Twitter: www.twitter.com/donbroco


The speed and strength at which Bedford’s Don Broco have managed to draft themselves right up to the big names of the British alternative rock circuit since they released debut full-length ‘Priorities’ back in August 2012 is jaw dropping, to say the least. Shortly after their latest major accomplishment for such a young band, performing on the main stage at this year’s Reading/Leeds Festival weekend, the band are back with latest effort, ‘You Wanna Know’ EP.

Main attraction, latest single and EP title-track ‘You Wanna Know’ is the only piece of new original material on this release, which is presented to us in its original form and then followed straight after by a more slowed down and chilled out Club Sex remix.

The original article is your standard Don Broco single, bringing infectious hooks, the pop almost croons of frontman Rob Damiani, and a thumping chorus. The remix is what you’d end up with if you chucked it onto Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, bringing an 80s club flavour to the track. No matter your preference, this is another weapon in their arsenal that, once in your head, is going to be a challenge to get out of it again.

What follows here on is a slick cover of AlunaGeorge track, ‘You Know You Like It’, which the band manage to successfully put their own identity into, before closing off with acoustic renditions of album highlights, ‘Here’s The Thing’ and ‘Actors’. Together, they bring a refreshing and exciting cut to the originals to encourage us to get the ‘Priorities’ album spinning on our stereos and blasting on our iPods again.

It’s clear this isn’t an EP in the traditional sense. This is just another small step towards super stardom, bringing a bit of filling space between their debut and forthcoming sophomore full-length without us forgetting Don Broco. They’re certainley nowhere near the final product, which is a reason to be excited in itself. Don’t think it unrealistic for this alt rock quartet to have the British rock world in the palm of their hands in a few short years.

Written by Zach Redrup

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