EP: Digits – Footprints And Embers

Release Date: January 26th 2015
Label: Pulse Music Productions
Website: http://www.digitsmusic.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/digitsuk
Twitter: www.twitter.com/digits_band


Inspired by the likes of Reuben, Incubus, and Glassjaw, alternative rockers Digits return with the follow up to their promising debut ‘Acquiesce To Violence’. The band however appear to have taken a step backwards from their auspicious debut, some production choices are questionable and the vocals are often sketchy and raw. This fortunately doesn’t compromise the solid song writing and musical diversity that is ever-present across the release.

Opener ‘Embers’ enters with a riff that would feel right at home on Jimmy Eat World’s classic ‘Futures’ album. The EP’s shaky vocals soon reveal themselves as we are propelled into the verse. The mix of different vocal styles is a common hybrid, but here it doesn’t seem to effectively blend together. The inconsistent tone of the bass guitar can also be first heard in the track, its edgy tonal quality fits well during the more crowded sections but harshly stands out when isolated.

Tracks ‘Dysphoria’ and ‘Eros’ show diversity and provide a much darker contrast to the cheery opener. They also demonstrate much stronger vocal performances and really show what the band is capable of. Closer ‘Eros’ is easily the EPs finest track, exhibiting some gorgeous vocal harmonies and guitar melodies. The track is exceptional in how it progresses and grows from its largely minimalist introduction. It’s also great in how it retires back to its introductory section before slowly winding down and fading away, making for a powerful ending.

Overall ‘Footprints and Embers’ is still a promising release, it may be sketchy in places but there is still plenty here to enjoy.

Written by Kieran James.