EP: Desolated – Disorder Of Mind

Release Date: July 15th, 2013
Label: Desolated, Inc.
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/desolateduk
Twitter: www.twitter.com/desolateduk


Hardcore is dead. That’s a phrase said by people who are either too lazy to research their claims, or who are just flat out ignorant. Southampton’s Desolated are a group of chaps who play downtuned hardcore chaos and who aren’t going to stop until your spines lay shattered on the floor. ‘Disorder Of Mind’ is their latest release; a 5-track mini-album that is the pre-cursor to an album that will eventually surface.

Desolated sound like Whitechapel mixed with Run DMC. They have an arsenal of about 4 notes on guitar, but they somehow make them sound more bruising than being spooned by Floyd Mayweather. Beatdown is the name of the game here, thrown together with an attitude out of a gangsta rap video (see the video for ‘Suffering’). How Desolated make something so simple sound so evil is unknown, but take 5 minutes with ‘Disorder Of Mind’ in your headphones and try and argue otherwise. The aforementioned ‘Suffering’ is more crushing than giving Susan Boyle a piggyback on Mars.

Desolated are well-known for their reputation in the live scene because of their idiotic live shows where kids in the pit try and injure those on the edges but, unlike many similar bands, they actually back this up with reasons in their music to cause such grief. You’re more likely to get fatal blows to your skull listening to Desolated than trying to give head to Cthulhu, but that doesn’t mean it’s worth passing up on the opportunity.

Listen to ‘Disorder Of Mind’ for five portions of your five a day. Five portions of murder.

Written by MG Savage