EP: Depth – Waiting For The Waves

Release Date: October 29th, 2012
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/depththeband
Twitter: www.twitter.com/depththeband


The post-hardcore genre is an ever growing one with some powerful competition lurking around it, making it so easily to get lost when trying to make a name for yourself. The ‘Waiting For The Waves’ EP from the Norwich based quartet, Depth, shows some true promise as it plants it feet firmly in the ground.

The 5-track EP itself doesn’t spark any wild or pressingly intense feelings upon first listen, but certainly provides a pleasing and enjoyable serenade which passes the impression of an almost back-seat band in terms of their sound. There’s very little within this EP that cries for attention, but nevertheless, it’s an EP that you’ll want to play over and over again due to its addictive vocal flares and solid riffs scattered throughout.

There’s a real energy throughout, as frontman Luke Holliday puts forward his powerful vocal prowess on tracks like ‘All I Know’ and title track ‘Waiting For The Waves’, as he cries out a plethora of vocal hooks that suitably carry the alternating heavy, gliding guitar tones through energetic, aggressive tracks. Every track has a similar feel to it, as they all seem to transfer between mellow, melancholy segments before blasting into distinguished drops and burly vocal shouts.

‘Second Chances’ is a song that never particularly influences any strong opinions, as it puts forward a repetitive and all too familiar, unchanging sound with little heard emotion. This can be said as a downside for this release as a whole. There isn’t much to it that massively sets it apart as a serious ‘one to watch’ release.

The high points on the EP can all be found in ‘Hope In Mind’; it’s ablaze with passion fuelled aggression, and a solid presence that gives me hope that this release will put Depth on the map. Easily the most invigorating and stimulating track to be found on the EP.

Written by Laurence Kellett