EP: Dead Winter – Erasing Glaciers

Release Date: February 3rd, 2014
Label: Bannister Records
Website: www.deadwinter.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/deadwinteruk
Twitter: www.twitter.com/wearedeadwinter


Blackpool post-hardcore six-piece Dead Winter have produce an admirable debut EP in ‘Erasing Glaciers’, with a thoughtful and lively bunch of tracks. Whilst Dead Winter are still a fairly fresh faced group, having formed in 2011, they already seem to have found a dependable formula for writing a decent heavy song.

With just the right balance between Laura Russell‘s raw screams and Ant Jones‘ clean vocals, this EP retains a harsh, yet uplifting quality. The EP as a whole emanates a liveliness and passion that is hard not to respect and appreciate. Whether it’s cutting through the chugging riffs of ‘Every Silver Lining Has A Cloud’ or adding a little extra bit of bite and ferocity to the slightly more melodic opener ‘Bribe For The Ferry Man’, it’s clear that these two vocalists know how to bounce off each other as a formidable team.

Title track, ‘Erasing Glaciers’ is probably the highlight of the record; a professional sounding affair, with compelling tempo changes, a soaring chorus and powerful lyrics, bolstered by Russell‘s punchy and effective screaming.

If there’s a point where the ‘Erasing Glaciers’ EP falls short, it would lie with the faltering vocals of ‘Snakebites And Streetfights’. It feels somewhat rushed or forced, compared with the perfectly tuneful singing on the other tracks on the record. The song is, however, rescued by some solid instrumentalism and top-notch screams.

Dead Winter are a capable new band that can only improve as they gain experience. Learning to polish and refine the handful of minor faults on this promising debut release will no doubt propel them further into the depths of the UK metalcore scene.

Written by Ben Hammond