EP: Dead Air – Ethereal

Release Date: April 20th, 2012
Label: Big Dog Records
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/deadairleeds
Twitter: None available


Coming across as a pile up of August Burns Red-esque guitar noodling, ‘Nightmares’ era Architects and Misery Signals melodicisms, Leeds based outfit Dead Air do much to impressive with ‘Ethereal’. Their craft, albeit not blindingly original, is able to meld with apparent ease finger cramping technicality with some laudable song writing chops, a skill somewhat lacking with many a forward thinking metal band nowadays.

Indeed, for all the dexterous riff work and soaring leads here, Dead Air thankfully do not surrender an ounce of infectiousness. Opener ‘Tiresias Wakes’ winds its way through a plethora of snaking guitar lines, yet somehow manages to retain a certain bounce and groove, making for both an engaging and highly entertaining listen. The same can be said for the savage ‘Unbound’, which pummels with some furious double bass delivery, before a rather pleasant clean breakdown decelerates proceedings and some glisteningly tapped leads rounds off the track.

With only a four track EP under their belt, it’s clear that Dead Air have all the tools necessary to, in time, compete with the heavy hitters in the UK metal scene. Undeniably stellar musicianship, stirring grasp of melody and fantastic use of dynamics means that ‘Ethereal’ simply oozes potential, and could be the spark of many exciting prospects for the band. Yet another feather in the cap for the continued flourishing of British metal.

Written by Tony Bliss