EP: Daedalus’ Right Eye – Daedalus’ Right Eye

Release Date: December 28th, 2011
Label: Unsigned
Website: www.welcometovalentineplace.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/welcometovalentineplace
Twitter: None available


Daedalus was a character in Greek mythology. He was a skilled craftsman and was responsible for giving Icaurus his wings. If you’re familiar with Greek mythology, you’ll know that the story didn’t end too well. However, Daedalus’ Right Eye also have a story that they want to share with you, and one that doesn’t end quite so tragically. This isn’t any story though, this is an actual story with characters and a set.

According to the band, Daedalus’ Right Eye describe themselves as a four-piece alternative rock/power pop outfit that base their music around stories the band have wrote about the fictional city of Victoria Place. Apparently, it’s a Steampunk Victorian-era Sci-fi opera epic and Daedalus is one of the characters. Confused? So was I until I actually listened. I expected it to be strange, long-winded and nonsensical, but what I actually got was quite the opposite.

The self-titled album ‘Daedalus’ Right Eye’ is a short but pleasing five tracks of thoughtful and fun power pop. The album opens with ‘The Light In Your Window’, a soft and delicate ballad full of twinkling guitar work and harmonious vocals. ‘Dream Catcher’ is a totally different affair, it’s a ridiculously catchy track but could easily be mistaken for a Fall Out Boy song.

‘Let’s Pretend’ follows in much the same footsteps as ‘The Light In Your Window’ until a hefty riff and drum beat crash into life decimating the otherwise tranquil and romantic ballad-like vibe, turning it from a slow and somewhat moping love song into a much more entertaining rock love saga. ‘Our Favourite Sun’ and ‘Mr. McKief’ finish the album in true pop-punk style. The vocal work is a bit too Fall Out Boy-ish at times, however, the over the top Americanisation of Chris Yeoh‘s vocal work seems to breathe life into the story Daedalus’ Right Eye are telling, making the band’s debut album extremely difficult not to like. The finished product is clean, catchy and professional.

If you’re a fan of stories being told through song much like the sort of music Coheed & Cambria make and you like insanely addictive riff work, Daedalus’ Right Eye are your new favourite band. It’s a strange combination as power pop, as a genre, is usually more concerned with singing about much simpler aspects of life, like girls and partying on rather than creating a steam punk era Sci-fi opera epic. But, Daedalus’ Right Eye have done it well and managed to find a balance between decent story telling and addictive power pop.

Written by Steven Potter

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