EP: Cypher16 – Determine

Release Date: April 15th, 2013
Label: Unsigned
Website: www.cypher16.net
Facebook: www.facebook.com/cypher16
Twitter: www.twitter.com/cypher16


“You don’t have to scream to be heavy” is the motto behind electronic infused metal band Cypher16, who combine anything from thrash riffs to prog rock melodies for their brand new EP, ‘Determine’. Having chosen to stay clear of any harsh aggressive vocals within their music, lead vocalist and singer Jack Doolan relies on his roaring voice to transcend their heavy rock into a sound worth gracing the stage at Bloodstock this year alongside the metal elite.

Perhaps after two EPs, a growing fanbase in the UK and a peculiar surge of success in India, the London band should have been convinced to release a full-length album; alas the ‘Determine’ EP boasts only 4 new tracks. The riffs explain why the band doesn’t need to resort to screaming to be considered heavy metal, as the guitars on the six minute epic ‘Surge To Serenity’ are heavier than a elephant pyramid, whilst opener ‘Giant Walls’ shows off the melodic side of Cypher16 with a crowd pleasing sing-a-long chorus after a complicated intro that even Herman Li would be proud of.

Previously released top single ‘Lonely Road’ returns from the band’s ‘The Metaphorical Apocalypse’ EP to close the album, with their trademark helping of explosive riffs and gentle warming vocals to soften the sound somewhat but still make your eardrums feel like they’re about to burst.

Cypher16 stand out from the norm by merging their influences of Nine Inch Nails, Gojira and Metallica together to form their very own fresh sound. If sparking unlikely success in India purely came from persistent touring, then expect to see Cypher16 in your town/city/country very soon.

Written by Mike Heath