EP: Cursed Earth – Cycles Of Grief, Volume II: Decay

Release Date: September 22nd 2017
Label: UNFD
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/cursedearthwa
Twitter: www.twitter.com/cursedperth


Continuing on with their dread ridden ‘Cycles Of Grief’ series, Australian heavy hitters Cursed Earth have returned with the second instalment, ‘Volume II: Decay’, following-up on the debut helping ‘Volume I: Growth’, which the band put out back in August (you can read our review of that here).

After everything that Cursed Earth proved and showcased with ‘Volume I: Growth’, they’ve simply solidified the fact that they’re one of the best newcomers to the hardcore genre, and, if they keep reeling tracks such as ‘Rage (The Cost)’ and ‘Regression’ with those huge stomping drums and hard chugging guitars, you’ll definitely be seeing and hearing a lot more from this band in the months and years to come.

Over both instalments which combined create the ‘Cycles Of Grief’, you really get a feel of the emotion and passion coming from Jazmine Luder‘s vocals.

‘Grief’ starts of with a very different approach from the EP’s preceding three tracks. It feels as if the band have changed genre halfway through and have brought back some proper old school metal, but nope. Just when you thought that you could calm down and relax for a moment, you’re thrown right back into what can only be described as a behemoth of a track.

The EP finishes off with ‘Eternal’, and it takes on a whole new direction which we’ve not seen that much from Cursed Earth thus far. Under Luder‘s deep growls are a very harmonic vocal track, which is accompanied by something equally as elegant in the opening half of the song.

Cursed Earth are showing that they’re truly only getting started with these two volumes that compose ‘Cycles Of Grief’, and proves just how diverse they can be as a collective.

Written by Callum Griffin (@CalGriffinn)