EP: Crossfaith – Zion

Release Date: February 4th, 2013
Label: Search & Destroy Records
Website: www.crossfaith.jp
Facebook: www.facebook.com/crossfaithofficial
Twitter: www.twitter.com/crossfaithjapan


There are few outfits in recent memory which have generated such a rabid fevour so early in their career as Crossfaith. Blending the rather traditional Japanese trend of twisting the forumla somewhat with the entirely invogue, the band’s electronic heavy metalcore has seen them quickly cultivate a live reputation of impressive reverence, shows with the similarly exciting While She Sleeps and a blistering set at 2012’s Hit The Deck Festival firmly cementing their place as feverishly watched up-and-comers. Their ‘Zion’ EP does much to explain the band’s dramatic onstage success.

Although it can certainly be argued that a marriage of the upbeat delirium of dance and modern metals head caving crunch is hardly a new concept, ‘Zion’, for all its familiarities, sounds startlingly fresh, thanks in no small part to the fact that it pushes the genre to the nth degree.

The opening track here, ‘Monolith’, is utterly venomous, a hulking full throttler which manages to stay ruthlessly savage despite the deliciously jittering breakbeat which runs throughout, whereas ‘Jägerbomb’ takes a swaggering, Southern rock flavour and weaves some titanic grooves between some synth flourishes. Both staggering vicious and rapturously anthemic, Crossfaith deliver an irresistable array of dynamics.

It’s all undeniably exciting stuff, but what hits home about this release more than anything is that it positively bleeds energy. The band performs with a zeal that is so infectious that even the most block headed of purists will be tapping a foot once or twice (the electronic shrieks and shimmers in ‘Quasar’ do little to mask the gut wrenching force of those breakdowns), and it’s this blood thirsty gumption and a knack for penning mammothly rousing genre splicers which will most assuredly see Crossfaith become a rather massive prospect indeed.

Written by Tony Bliss