EP: Creeper – The Callous Heart

Release Date: September 18th 2015
Label: Roadrunner Records
Website: www.creepercult.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/creepercult
Twitter: www.twitter.com/creepercultuk


At the time that they released their debut self-titled EP last year, it wouldn’t be foolish to think that many wouldn’t see Creeper explode as far out of their bedrooms and garages as they have now, including the band themselves. Yet, a year later, we’re here with a Creeper who have not only inked a deal with Roadrunner Records and toured up and down the UK with some notable names (including Funeral For A Friend), but have also dropped EP number two: ‘The Callous Heart’.

Stylistically, ‘The Callous Heart’ doesn’t divert much from last year’s offering, but it does definitely build upon on the platform that it created for the band. There’s an ever prominent blend of early era My Chemical Romance and Alkaline Trio reeking throughout, with frontman Will Gould sounding very much like the lovechild of Gerard Way and Matt Skiba.

‘Lie Awake’ brings a great punk rock call-to-arms hurrah that will definitely fill the room at future shows, EP opener ‘Black Cloud’ has a soaring chorus that reaches heights only barely touched upon in the band’s previous offering, and ‘Henley’s Ghost’ certainly closes the curtains on ‘The Callous Heart’ by displaying not only their expanded versatility and scratching further into their gothic punk core, giving a somewhat tip of the hat towards The Cure at points, but also their development as musicians.

‘The Callous Heart’ is, put simply, the next step in Creeper‘s ladder towards becoming one of the UK’s brightest new hopes, and may even fill the void for those who are still regularly mourning over My Chemical Romance‘s split. 2016 is going to be a very important year for this Southampton outfit.

Written by Zach Redrup (@zachredrup)