EP: Constellations – Forgetting Was Never Meant To Be This Easy

Release Date: September 16th, 2010
Label: Unsigned
Website: www.facebook.com/constellationsuk
MySpace: None available


Nowadays in the underground music scene you face a two double-edged swords; the first being you can create original music that will either leave you at that low and unknown status for a long time, or burst through as great innovators. The second sword being you can create generic, overplayed and rehashed imitations of what’s already been done before, and follow either path stated earlier with the other option.

With their debut EP ‘Forgetting Was Never Meant To Be This Easy’, Glaswegian 5-piece Constellations have thankfully created a 4-track offering that’s far more original than their choice of band name, and with past support slots with the likes of upcoming big names Young Guns, Not Advised and Yashin to name but a few, it seems originality is paying off in their favour.

Driven with pop-esque melodies and hooks with an almost hardcore bite behind it, setting them as a band who are avoiding the recent trend and trying to make their own in its skin. The EP title track and ‘If These Walls Had Eyes We’d Be Drowning’ stand out as the better two of the four pieces on display here, showing a nice and not overwhelming use of diversity, along with a positive and affirmative vibe to a scene of what tends to usually rest atop of gloominess. It’s also nice to see a step back from vocals laced with an autotuned and sometimes dampened song, and instead going strong and au natural with vocalist Jeff Gilmour.

If a bit more was on offer here, Constellations could well have created one of the most original debut EPs from an underground act this year. If you’re sick of the constant overdone flow at the moment, give this a spin.

Written by Zach Redrup