EP: Colt 45 – Inside The Triangle

Release Date: November 12th, 2012
Label: Unsigned
Website: www.wearecolt45.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/wearecolt45
Twitter: www.twitter.com/wearecolt45


Punk/alternative rock band Colt 45 from Cumbria are back and ready to “tour the arse out of the UK for a third consecutive year”. Although their sound has an American and slight Nirvana influence to it, this new EP, ‘Inside The Triangle’, feels very settling as though the band have finally stumbled into their comfort zone.

EP opener, ‘Think For Yourself, Question Authority’, leads us into proceedings with a whole bundle of noises, guitars begin to build, and a spoken word intro lets us know that things have now begun. They lay all of their cards out on the table and, in typical punk fashion, their lyrics hold a political meaning with words of conspiracy and rebelling.

The catchy chorus in ‘Happiness Is A Dying Art’ makes this track stand out from the rest in the pack. The infectious guitar riffs sit nicely over the heavy drum beat and creates fireworks of teen angst. ‘Everyone Will Let You Down’ continues to shove misanthropic feelings down our throats, the melancholy lyrics become a little whiney, but surprisingly this track is a personal favourite of mine. This track makes the EP enjoyable with more of a rock anthem feel than your stereotypical punk, but still maintaining its darker side.

The tracks aren’t anything overly revolutionary and definitely aren’t anything to write home about, but somehow are quite hooking. A part of you wants to listen to their message and take part in their musical journey. As a whole, ‘Inside The Triangle’ is a great improvement on the band’s previous offering, ‘Chasing Yesterday’. They’ve gained confidence lyrically and musically, but it still feels as though a little more time is needed to mature.

Written by Paige Bennett