EP: Chasing The Legion – Blinded By Desire

Release Date: June 24th, 2012
Label: Heads & Tails Records
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/chasingthelegionuk
Twitter: www.twitter.com/ctlofficialband


Chasing The Legion are yet another new metal band to spring up in a scene that’s already pretty overcrowded. Hopefully their EP can push them past all the long haired, riff making wannabes and allow them a shot at the lime light. Fortunately, through the sheer fact there are seven members, the band are at an instant advantage. Every riff is busier and more brutal sounding due to the three people on guitar duties.

Chugging riffs: check. Heavy breakdowns: check. Screeching raw vocals: check. This is the sort of band you can bang your head to and in a live situation run around in circles pummelling the hell out of a bunch of other crazy people. They are metal with a bit of melody to them, courtesy of dual vocals from John Durney and Thomas Staunton.

Opening track ‘STFU Scarlett’ is a straight up, no frills attached metal track. Every riff chugs heavy and low and every scream bites deep and hard. The harsh throaty screams will scratch deep into the pits of your stomach and bury harshly into your brain.

Mid-point of the album ‘Red Snow’ has a more mixed melodic feel, with a tuneful guitar part opening the track before the vocals being tapped in by a more rock style drum beat. This song shows off the vocal diversity that, not only can this band scream heavily like all the other heavy weights in this genre, but they can also hold a note and sing a lighter tune. Once the track reaches its climax midway through, screams are textured throughout and provide a heavier backlog to the track. It really is a pleasure to hear such good use of dual vocals. Although it happens often enough in rock and metal bands, it’s rarely pulled off well enough.

‘A Megladon’s Request’ finishes the album off in style, mixing all the high points from each track and mashing it into one. The metal riffs are there, the softer vocals are there, the screams are present and there’s a pretty heavy breakdown mid-track. What a way to end an EP.

Chasing The Legion are more than just another metal band to come onto the scene, there’s something more to them. Perhaps a full-length album will be enough to put your finger on what that is, but, until then, take a listen to the EP and make up your mind on these Liverpudlians for yourself.

Written by Rhian Westbury

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