EP: Chasing Cadence – Destroy Something Beautiful

Release Date: September 16th 2016
Label: Unsigned
Website: www.chasingcadence.co
Facebook: www.facebook.com/chasingcadence
Twitter: www.twitter.com/chasingcadence


Hertfordshire alt rock up-and-comers Chasing Cadence are definitely going places. Despite being a relatively young band, they’ve already filled the support slots for the likes of Taking Back Sunday, Vukovi, and Don Broco, and performed at both Download and Camden Rocks Festival. Now, they’ve got themselves a brand new EP, ‘Destroy Something Beautiful’, proving that they’re here to stay.

With a title that could easily be mistaken as any early day Panic! At The Disco or Fall Out Boy song, and with an appropriate length of only two minutes, opener ‘It’s Not The Length That Counts, It’s What You Do With It’ is a short, punchy, and riff-driven song with a bit of a Royal Blood-esque sleaze on the side. Those two minutes alone are just enough to grasp your attention.

After that, ‘Harbour’ seems a bit disappointing, since it doesn’t really have any qualities that would make it more than an average alt rock song, however, it gets better after that. ‘Watching The World’ is an energetic modern rock song asking the important questions (“If you die today, what would you leave behind?”), and the EP’s lead single, ‘Everyone Relax’ is just made to be a hit. It’s an absolutely huge track with strong soaring vocals, riffs that are guaranteed to get stuck in your head, and a sing-along chorus which, even though might not contain their best lyrical work, leaves a feeling that the band generally care about what they are doing.

There’s also a remastered version of ‘Dear Life’ chucked in here, the best work they’ve penned to date, and certainly the most known one (those who are into wrestling will recognize it as the theme song of the TNA Xplosion Wrestling show). Starting off sounding oh so Enter Shikari-esque and quickly growing into a killer track with big chorus, it’s as epic as Chasing Cadence gets and will make you hit that replay button again and again.

‘Destroy Something Beautiful’ is a grower, not a shower, even though at first it might seem like you’ve already heard some of it before, you’ll want to hear more of it. Let’s just hope the album is just as good.

Written by Raimonda Mikelsone (@_raimondaaa)