EP: Casino Thieves – The Quiet Road Home

Release Date: December 8th, 2014
Label: Xtra Mile Recordings
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/casinothieves
Twitter: www.twitter.com/casinothieves


Welsh band Casino Thieves excite and brush against sincerity on their new EP, ‘The Quiet Road Home’. The act clash with emotion and tug at the hearts, managing to keep the attention without it exploding into a disastrous mess. By showcasing their music through their feelings, there’s a sense of melancholia, like a handful of children pulling at the dress of their mother, never receiving the attention that they crave so much.

On this record, the bashful guitar sequences are an overlay to what lies beneath. These guys hurt, and pain is what makes them tick. The EP is a creation and a spark. It delivers on all fronts, packing meaningful lyrics and little tiny notes. These lyrics highlight the minds of these apt warriors, showing that their inspiration is boundless.

The EP begins with ‘Halogen Eyes’, a track which is lyrically masterful and the simple riff work compliments the hard-hitting drums. The chorus is excitable, like a dog jumping into the proximity of its owner. The little solo adds urgency and the vocals implement an evocative feel.

‘Exit And Entrance’ dons a quirky riff that if it was a knife, it would cut through the bones and armour of a titan. It’s very potent. The chorus is infectious, riding high without losing vital beats. Lyrically, the song describes emotions and regrets, powerlessness. ‘Beautiful Lenses’ is sombre and subtle. The lyrics are vivid and imaginative, a story like vibe is generated. It’s great storytelling and the fable is written with a fiery mind that’s drenched in diversity and motivation.

Casino Thieves have delivered an EP that is emotive and driven. Their ethos is clearly been concreted and their ambitions are endless.

Written by Mark McConville

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