EP: Campfires – Campfires

Release Date: January 15th 2016
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/campfiresband
Twitter: www.twitter.com/campfiresband


Scottish quintet Campfires are the latest UK band to try and break their way into the close-to-capacity pop-punk scene with their debut self-titled EP. The band have taken the decision to keep their first release short and sweet – standing at less than 15 minutes – but hopefully it gets a few people hooked and keeps them coming back for more, and establishing itself as a solid foundation for these boys to branch out from.

Kicking things off with a raucous fast pace provided by drummer James Forbes is opening track ‘Same Streets’, before the clean vocals of frontman Mike Hendo take focus, drifting over the chaos already ensuing but keeping up the pace. Staying true to the introduction is first single ‘Pure Gold’, as the whole band come together to produce a solid pop-punk performance.

Providing something a little bit different, Campfires decide to take a relatively calmer approach on later number ‘Like A Cancer’, allowing Hendo to really push his vocal performance to an impressive level as the rest of the band keep true to their style, but in a more subdued manner. In a somewhat questionable decision, Campfires decide to round off their EP with an instrumental track which is mainly frustrating because they create a solid track that is crying out to be made into a full song, but disappointingly it never arrives.

Campfires have shown with this record that they have a lot of potential and have the ability to become a successful band in the pop-punk scene, but with so many bands turning their hand to that genre any band has to really stand out. Deciding to finish their debut release on an instrumental track rather than a heavy-hitting song with a huge chorus could see them struggle to stay in the listeners’ mind. That said, hopefully that won’t be the case for the quintet because there’s talent in this band.

Written by Jon Barlow (@Narlow1)