EP: Brutality Will Prevail – Sleep Paralysis

Release Date: June 27th, 2011
Label: Holy Roar/Purgatory Records
Website: None available
MySpace: www.myspace.com/brutalitywillprevail


Tyler, The Creator rapped on ‘Bastard’ that “this is what the Devil plays before he goes to sleep”. Unfortunately for Tyler, the Devil has got a new jam: ‘Sleep Paralysis’. Brutality Will Prevail have written a record that is a straight up contender for the darkest, meanest and best record of 2011. Three tracks weighing in at just under 20 minutes. Three tracks of total darkness. Three tracks that will leave you feeling uncomfortable in a dark room on your own.

‘Sleep Paralysis’ drips with malice and murderous intent, with religious themes adding a lyrical weight from the off. “Take me to your saviour, to rid me of my sins” laments frontman Ajay over the first track, ‘Cursed’. Doomy riffs and fuzzed up guitars lay down the fear, whilst rumbling bass and drums push the nightmare forwards at a ferocious pace.

‘Cursed’ then leads directly into ‘Heavy Eyes’ without any noticeable change, and the darkness continues to build throughout the track. ‘Heavy Eyes’ is perhaps the best song that Brutality Will Prevail have written so far. When the middle break drops, it is impossible not to spread your arms and bang your head. “When it’s time to sleep, the Devil comes” is both whispered and shouted to create a terrifying call to arms as the band move seamlessly into yet another heavy as sin set of riffs.

The real nightmare sets in during closing epic ‘Sleep Paralysis’, which features audio samples of people discussing various hauntings and visitations from the paranormal world. This isn’t any Hollywood bullshit either, every fearful, cracked voice will make your skin crawl. “There was an old woman standing in front of me… this was not a nightmare… you can’t escape from entity in the room”, all of the quotes just push up the terror of the record and make it even more atmospheric. The track then leads into sound bites of screams and demonic voices, before the band launch back in and end the track with one of the finest instrumental outros you will hear this year.

The combination of punishing heaviness and eerie melodic sections work to perfection to create an unsettling soundscape for the entirety of this record. Although there are only three tracks, there isn’t a second wasted, and in the space of 20 minutes it’s job done. You will be left feeling unsettled yet enthralled by ‘Sleep Paralysis’. This is one of the best records of 2011.

Written by Josh Peett