EP: Broadway Calls – Toxic Kids

Release Date: October 12th, 2011
Label: SideOneDummy Records
Website: www.broadwaycalls.com
MySpace: www.myspace.com/broadwaycalls


Do you like punk? Do you like big sing alongs? Do you like to have a fucking good time? If you answered yes to all of the preceding questions, then you’re going to love the new Broadway Calls EP. After their bassist Matt Koenig quit the band at the start of the year, many thought that that could be the end of Broadway Calls. However, they have come back stronger than ever on ‘Toxic Kids’.

Having taken a more DIY approach when it came to releasing and recording the release, it’s only fitting that the sound they are producing is a throwback to old school pop-punk bands like Green Day and Bad Religion. Despite the slightly grittier sound that can be found on this EP compared to their last full-length, ‘Good Views, Bad News’, the same huge choruses are out in full force this time around. It’s such a pleasing sight to see this type of honest lyricism, honest musicianship and generally being bands the old fashioned way, coming back into the public eye. Look on any All Time Low release and nowhere will you find songs as good or as honest as the brilliant ‘I Never Made The Team’, and it’s a testament to how timeless this genre is.

The songs here range from the frantic ‘Horizons And Histories’ to the acoustic ‘Stealing Sailboats’, but they all sound as good as the track before it, it is only a shame that the EP is not longer. The whole time you can hear the cogs buzzing and whirring as the band move effortlessly through each track. It’s a pleasure to hear, and is possibly the culmination of the decade of work done between vocalist Ty Vaughan and drummer Josh Baird. They can both be proud of this short but very sweet record.

When the band hit the UK again with The Swellers in December, expect them to steal the show just as this EP will steal your breath. A truly excellent band have overcome adversity to produce a stellar EP, a perfect middle marker to their next full-length. Hopefully we won’t be made to wait too long for that.

Written by Oliver Thompson

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