EP: Bright Side – Face The Unknown

Release Date: February 18th, 2013
Label: Thanks For Nothing Records
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/wearebrightsideuk
Twitter: None available


There’s no scene in the world quite like the British hardcore scene. It regularly pumps brilliant and interesting bands into the public eye whilst maintaing a huge selection of underground bands. The scene is more vast and varied than people think, after just a few minutes on sites like BandCamp, you can find a ton of amazing British talent just waiting to be discovered.

Scottish hardcore crew Bright Side are one of the latest of those discoveries. The band show off a better array of songwriting on their first EP than most bands do on their second or third albums. ‘Face The Unknown’ is a very promising start for Bright Side, as they deliver ten minutes of addictive melodic hardcore tunes that both hardcore kids and metalcore fans can enjoy. This record is for fans of both Heights and Architects.

Even though they repeat the slow and gloomy intro method quite a few times, the band come together well with the fair share of crushing riffs, powerful yet well pronounced vocals and brilliant build ups. The first half of the title track is essentially one huge build up that doesn’t take the typical route of going into a break down, but instead turns into a war between the riff and the vocalist until the riff backs down, ending the EP with his vicious screams. The songs are brilliantly written and played and it’s exiting to think what the band could achieve if they were put on a record label budget for production.

Since it’s only three tracks and ten minutes long, ‘Face The Unknown’ leaves you desperately wanting more. The Scots have done exceptionally well on their first release, and we eagerly await to see what they give to the UK hardcore scene next.

Written by Jack King