EP: Boy Kid Cloud – A Better Version Of Me

Release Date: July 30th, 2012
Label: Inspected
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/boykidcloud
Twitter: www.twitter.com/boycloud


First off, it should be known that I don’t listen to dubstep or electronica. I have nothing against the genre, it just doesn’t appeal to me. Hence, this review is from the perspective of an outsider looking in. I have no frame of reference with this, I don’t know who to compare Boy Kid Cloud to nor do I know anything about the associated sub-genres. I know that by the mere fact I am going to refer to Boy Kid Cloud as a type of dubstep will offend people beyond belief and for that I apologise. Please, educate me as I know no better.

Having listened to it through a few times now, I think the best way to describe it is pop-dub. Opener ‘From The Start’ begins with a vibrant tinkling of a keyboard with a nice electronic effect over it, the kind you would find on early 90s computer games (or, for all you hackers out there, the kind of music found on Keygens). This is swiftly accompanied by some floaty falsetto-esque vocals which compliments the 80s feel of the EP. Leading into the chorus with the right amount of dub, I can picture people happily dancing along to this.

As for the rest of the tracks, they’re somewhat similar; three pop-dub songs all with a familiar structure and one vibrant and engaging instrumental, all-in-all making it a nice little EP.

I am a narrow minded metal-head, who is also into ska-punk, pop-punk and 50s swing music and I enjoyed this EP. I’m not exactly in a hurry to go and see Boy Kid Cloud live or anything, but then again, I’m not his target audience. I think the best thing to do is go and listen to ‘From The Start’ on YouTube, Spotify or anywhere else you can find it and make up your own mind.

Written by Andrew Roberts