EP: Boston Manor – Saudade

Release Date: November 20th 2015
Label: Pure Noise Records
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/bostonmanoruk
Twitter: www.twitter.com/bstnmnr


Blackpool quintet Boston Manor could not have timed the release of their new ‘Saudade’ EP any better. With the foreboding long, dark winter nights looming ahead like a crippling council tax payment, you should really make the most of this fleeting yet blissful autumnal feel by indulging in some sweet, sweet nostalgia with this quaint four track effort.

Sounding like they’re fresh out of 2003 and riding on the recent success of the likes of The Story So Far and The Wonder Years, Boston Manor are a melancholic blend of melodic pop-punk and emo rock that has the endorphins flowing with the intensity of Niagara falls. Just to be clear, Boston Manor do have their own distinct sound and are not just ripping off someone else’s, far from it in fact. It’s just very clear where they all draw influences from.

‘Saudade’ is a triumphant, succinct EP that will actually make you physically stop and listen to these phenomenal tracks. It’s clear that these Blackpool boys have meticulously crafted these songs, injecting them with their own, personal venom that at times it feels like you’re listening to a therapy session rather than an EP. It’s this dedication that puts them in a different league, and not just another band phoning it in on the current trend in music.

With the faded EP cover that looks like a photo from yesteryear, Boston Manor are an ideal soundtrack for a wonderful trip down memory lane, whilst very much keeping you in the here and now. Think of it as a euphoric escape from the hell that is your commute to work, and for 12 stress free minutes, you’re unburdened from the worries, stresses and responsibilities of your life, transported back to the care-free teenage years where music meant so much.

Written by Andy Roberts (@sassensquatch)