EP: Blood Red Shoes – Water

Release Date: January 21st, 2013
Label: V2 Records
Website: www.bloodredshoes.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/bloodredshoes
Twitter: www.twitter.com/bloodredshoes


The latest EP offering from Brighton duo, Blood Red Shoes, sees the band very focused on delivering what they do best: solid rock ‘n’ roll. ‘Water’‘s 3 tracks sees Blood Red Shoes continuing to create great tracks which will surely help to keep their mark on the scene.

EP opener, ‘Red River’, sees vocalist/guitarist Laura-Mary Carter taking lead vocals on her own for the one and only time on the entirety of this EP, seeing the band just as you would expect them: dynamic and upbeat.

Second track, ‘Black Distractions’, has a continuing fuzz induced riff throughout, with a groove filled drum beat to accompany it. With an infectious lyric hook from vocalist/drummer Steve Ansell, “When you close your eyes, I’ll be there too / Summon the devil inside of you”. It shows the band aren’t just plain indie rock ‘n’ roll and are more than willing to show a darker side to themselves. This stands out as the best of the three songs presented on ‘Water’.

Closing with ‘Idle Hands’, which rounds the EP off finely, it’s a rather hypnotic song, comping a drone like guitar and explosive drums. Overall, ‘Water’ is a very solid EP release, showcasing that the band are able to keep producing very solid tracks and this is a great insight to their upcoming releases.

Written by Kieron Chastney