EP: Best Friends/Grazes – Split

Release Date: August 13th, 2012
Label: Art Is Hard Records/Enjoyment Records
Website: www.artishardrecords.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/artishardrecords
Twitter: www.twitter.com/artishardrecs


Sheffield is a breeding ground for a diverse yet interlinked community of bands, styles and scenes. This split between Best Friends and Grazes proves that bands on the opposite end of the spectrum in terms of sound can come together to release this EP. This split contains the work of house mates who share everything from their gear to their food. This split almost acts as the documentation to that house and the people who live there.

The release starts off with Grazes side; unfortunately these final two songs are swan songs as soon Grazes will be disappearing into the mists of time and probably obscurity. For this final fling, they have gone for full metal buzztone guitars in the style of Entombed. Ben Goulder has upped the vocals to the harshest they’ve been yet too. There’s very little about the style that can’t be said about both tracks; full of anger, harsh tones, d-beats and everything on the nastiest side of hardcore.

‘Elbow Greased’ is about as close to mid-paced Grazes that will ever get and packs in lots of evil sounding riffs throughout the song. ‘Timeslips’ delves into some sludgey themed break before going into one mosh along style play for. For anyone who has yet to listen to Grazes, this is probably the visceral and pissed off they’ve ever been, with some heavy riffage and some evil guitar tones. An excellent send off for them to say the least.

And now, as promised, onto the opposite half and opposing style that is Best Friends. This side is best described as garage rock, with more fuzz than a broken stereo and plenty of pop sensibility for something noisy, yet very catchy and upbeat. Both tracks go at things with a lot of pace and speed and have plenty of pop hooks or riffs depending on opinion of what you should call them. There’s some nice melody and some surf rock/punk touches in the background that help give a more interesting sound.

All in all, this is an excellent set of songs from two very different bands. It helps give light to the diversity of the Sheffield DIY/underground scene. It’s a shame that soon Grazes will be no more, but as one last release to enjoy their incredible music. Hopefully Best Friends can bring us more things along the way of this catchy, upbeat, noisy, garage rock style fun.

Written by Jon Andrews