EP: Bad Sign – Destroy

Release Date: November 24th, 2014
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/badsignband
Twitter: www.twitter.com/badsignband


Hailing from Croydon, Bad Sign have just released their latest EP, titled ‘Destroy’, and the three-piece hope to push more boundaries within the rock community. It’s easy for some and hard for others, but this band have managed to throw in a few elements which certainly help their cause.

Opening the record is ‘Confession’, which throws the EP straight into the post-hardcore category. The whole instrumentation along with Joe Appleford‘s vocals fit perfectly together, and shows much promising things for an up-and-coming band.

As the EP moves onto the next track, it gives off a more simplistic yet technical vibe about it. The vocals are, again, a main focal point of this track, which gives it that much needed boost into making this something definitely worth a listen. ‘The Recidivist’ add a certain melodic twinge to the record. Even though it kind of focuses more on the bass tone, the guitar creeps in every now and again, showing off a lot more of their diversity.

‘Father’ shows that even the small bands have the same struggle as big bands do. At this certain point in the EP, it kind of feels like there’s nothing more to show off with the ‘best of both worlds’ attitude this song shows. ‘Faith’, on the other hand, breathes a new life into the record. The somewhat grunge undertones mixing with the more melodic/ambient notes make this song one of the highlights of the entire EP. The vocal range is much more varied, and the guitar is shown off a lot more with its effects and tremolo picking.

The final song and title-track is a 9 minute slugfest of everything you get out of the EP and more, keeping the strong progressive and distorted sound that you’ve all known to enjoy over the course of listening to the band. The acoustic section of the song adds a very calming yet dark undertone for the entire record. Once finishing with a much more heavier closer, this band has managed to achieve something great, which will definitely heighten their career in 2015.

Written by Joshua Palmer