EP: Artemis – Nothing Left To See

Release Date: March 30th 2015
Label: Unsigned
Website: www.weareartemis.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/artemisband
Twitter: www.twitter.com/artemisuk


Basingstoke’s own tech/hardcore mash-up metallers Artemis are back with a new EP, ‘Nothing Left To See’. Despite the name, it seems there’s something left to see in this band. Previous releases have seen the band switch between hardcore, mathcore and everything in between, sometimes adding a punkier or heavier edge. This latest EP sees the band take a more refined and slightly less chaotic approach to the music. It still mixes up all the genres, but they now have their own sound, almost like a much heavier Baby Godzilla with some proggier bits thrown in.

Opening track, ‘I Am Alive’ is like a follow on to their previous EP, ‘This Was My Fault From The Start’, which had a track called ‘I Was Alive’. The tracks share similar guitars and tempo, but this time frontman Dan Strachan‘s vocals are much better, though he still has the aggressive, abrasive screams from before.

It’s clear that the band’s songwriting has greatly improved, as the different sections in the song actually meld into each other; the jolting verses and punky choruses in ‘Dark Passenger’ actually seem like they belong in the same song.

With this latest release, Artemis have finally found their feet as they step out from the crowd. They still have work to do to improve some of the songs to make them more appealing to a wider market, but now they’ve got their own distinct sound they could be on their way to getting the recognition they deserve.

Written by Rhys Hawke

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