EP: Altered Sky – Stop And Live

Release Date: January 21st, 2014
Label: Unsigned
Website: www.alteredsky.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/alteredsky
Twitter: www.twitter.com/alteredsky


Scottish quintet Altered Sky have followed up their debut ‘In This World’ with their new EP, ‘Stop And Live’, and are hoping to break into the mainstream with their personal brand of pop-punk music. It’s a record that unfortunately will draw the standard comparisons to the most successful female-fronted bands of the genre, but for all the right reasons. Its strong, catchy tracks with powerful performances can only be a good thing once Altered Sky break away from the pack and establish themselves.

Opening track and lead single, ‘Where I Belong’, introduces the band as they mean to go on, with a typically strong pop-punk instrumental background for frontwoman Ana Nowosielska‘s voice to soar over. Sounding vocally similar to We Caught The Castle‘s own Hollie Elizabeth and instrumentally like early All Time Low, it’s a very successful combination as lyrically darker track ‘Traitor In Me’ shows a bit more angst in the band’s arsenal.

Providing some diversity across a short record with closing track ‘Live For It’, the band resist the temptation for the token ballad of most pop-punk releases as the introduction would suggest. Instead, Altered Sky produce a very strong track that has a more guitar-heavy chorus and prove that they’re a lot more than your run of the mill pop-punk band.

‘Stop And Live’ is a great release and will really help Altered Sky win over a lot of fans. Across a four-track EP, they move from an archetypal upbeat number in the form of ‘Decay’ to a more rock-based number in ‘Live For It’, really showing their upmost potential. That said, they will have to work hard to break free of the inevitable comparison to heavyweights like Paramore and Tonight Alive but, once they do, they could go far.

Written by Jonathon Barlow