EP: Aliens And Me – Skyline Of A Last Summer

Release Date: December 27th, 2010
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available
MySpace: www.myspace.com/aliensandme


At some point in the recent past, a group of musicians in Russia caught wind of the current trends in the Western music charts and formed a band based on this. This band is Aliens And Me. Combining metalcore, ballad style singing and dubstep would be a difficult task for any band, but Aliens And Me have made a valiant attempt at forging them together in this six track EP.

Admittedly when the songs hit a heavy note they hold their own amongst the current crop of metalcore bands out there at the moment. For anyone listening who enjoys making comparisons between artists, this EP smacks heavily of crabcore instigators Attack Attack!. Take from that what you will. In other parts this band create a sound that sounds similar to Enter Shikari, and this is definitely when Aliens And Me are at their strongest, fusing synth and electro sounds with a metalcore instrument attack works well for this group.

For future reference when recording, the thing that Aliens And Me should leave alone is the ballad found at the beginning of ‘Another Epic Song’. After a minute and a half of insincere warbling, the band kick back into life and start to play the sort of music that fans of Enter Shikari and Killswitch Engage would surely appreciate. It’s just a shame that ultimately the first half of the song is wasted.

Perhaps the most perplexing twist in this EP comes at track four. ‘We Are In Your Ears’ is a dubstep track. That’s right, a dubstep track dropped after a song that sounds like Enter Shikari playing a ballad. This album twists and turns like a snake on amphetamines. Credit has to be given to Aliens And Me however as their attempt at a dubstep interlude works surprisingly well. It takes you by surprise and does well in breaking up the flow of the music to ready you for the next burst.

All in all, this is a solid effort from a band coming out of a country not massively renowned for anything other than Eurovision tosh and the ‘All The Things She Said’-famed lesbian pop duo Tatu. For fans of Enter Shikari, Attack Attack! and even Killswitch Engage this EP should definitely be of great appeal. When Aliens And Me do ‘heavy’ they do it well, but in the future, taking out the more eccentric elements might serve to make a more fluid effort. Nevertheless a good effort, and certainly not the worst thing that 2010 has brought us.

Written by Josh Peett