EP: Alaska Campus – When We Were Young

Release Date: September 10th, 2012
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/alaskacampus
Twitter: www.twitter.com/alaskacampus


Hertfordshire four-piece Alaska Campus cook up a tasty audio treat in the form of a quaint, little EP, ‘When We Were Young’. Having only released one record previous to this, the band have found their form surprisingly early on in their career. This is probably due to the fact they toured the London area relentlessly over the last year and no doubt they will have gained a copious amount of live experience, thus giving them many a chance to perfect their sound.

Picture the following scene: it;s a glorious autumn day, and though the sun is beaming down the air is crisp with a frosty bite to it. Going for a walk in the park, you’re wrapped up all cosy-warm and as you wander the path with hundreds of golden trees on either side. There are rose-tinted leaves littering the ground as far as you can see. That blissful, humble feeling you experience is just how this record makes you feel and is the perfect soundtrack for a late afternoon Sunday autumn walk.

‘When We Were Young’ is five pleasant tracks of well-written, mellow indie-laced melodies. From the perfectly toned guitars to the outstanding vocals, this EP has been so very well produced. Considering how much effort Alaska Campus have put into this release and in creating such a wonderful sound, I thoroughly look forward to hearing a full-length album.

If you’re a fan of Death Cab For Cutie then I imagine you will really enjoy this release, especially songs like ‘Mon Reve’. As for the rest of you, this falls under the category of mellow indie but before you write it off, I would recommend listening to at least one song. Put it this way, I cannot stand indie and I found listening to this more than enjoyable.

Written by Andy Roberts