EP: Aborted – Termination Redux

Release Date: January 15th 2016
Label: Century Media Records
Website: www.goremageddon.be
Facebook: www.facebook.com/abortedofficial
Twitter: www.twitter.com/abortedmetal


Few bands strike intrigue to the world of death metal like Aborted. Within the scene, they’re a huge band sharing tours with the likes of Kataklysm and Septicflesh. A group that are still relatively small in the mainstream, however, (at least compared to a lot of other death metal bands, the group show that if you like heavy music they’re definitely a band to check out.

Their new EP, ‘Termination Redux’, celebrates the 20th anniversary of the band with three new songs and a re-recording of 2001’s ‘Engineering The Death’ track, ‘Holocaust Incarnate’.

The re-worked effort, aptly titled ‘Holocaust Reincarnate’, differs from the original very minutely, but still noticeably. The main difference is a huge increase in production and the fact the track drags a riff out and has a sort of gassy sound effect at the end. The song is about The Holocaust in World War II, in a very gorey and over the top manner of singing. The lyrics, which include “minced intestines, nail pierced genitals”, are some of the many examples included in this one song alone that make this band’s creative yet controversial sound extremely prevalent.

The three new songs on this EP definitely take the sound in a new way. ‘Bound In Acrimony’ takes the band playing a full on visceral assault, giving 2 minutes 12 seconds of pure anarchy to enjoy listening to. Drummer Ken Bedene gives the band an extremely heavy sound throughout the record, but particularly on this song, and gives Aborted something extremely gritty and downright nasty within their sound.

Guitarists Ian Jekelis and Mendel bij de Leij give a widely complex performance on this EP with a few key moments. The solo over the EP’s title-track gives the band something pretty gritty to look forward to, especially when they enter more black metal territory with Sven de Caluw√©‘s vocals, taking the song into a much more raspier and straight ahead vocal deliveries. This, however, doesn’t take away the pure brilliant amount of death metal that the band have as they very clearly show, it just simply adds another element into their sound.

The release is a hard place to judge the group on. It is, however, a pretty good timewaster if you want to stick some death metal on for 15 minutes. Nothing more than a release to celebrate their anniversary, this is something that the band shouldn’t really be judged on. This is a release which can attract the casual fan, wanting to get the initial understanding of what death metal is, and for that purpose it has done its job.

Written by Bradley Cassidy (@bradcassidy147)

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