DOWNLOAD 2013 PREVIEW: Don’t Forget About Bloodstock

Welcome to part eight in a series of features previewing this year’s Download Festival. Each week, we shall be looking at a particular genre or scene that will be represented at the festival. You may have heard some of the more established bands, but these previews may introduce you to similar bands that are in the same vain.

In part eight, we’ll be previewing bands that would fit in well at Bloodstock Festival; those that play extreme metal like black, death or folk.


Where?: Pepsi Max stage
When?: Sunday @ 9:10pm
Who do they clash with?: Rammstein (Main), Limp Bizkit (Zippo), Glamour Of The Kill / Sonic Boom Six (Red Bull)
Listen: Mother North (Live at Wacken 2004)

For those who dislike the overly campworthy Rammstein and the overly lolworthy Limp Bizkit, the third option is Satyricon on the Pepsi Max stage. As the sun sets on another weekend at Donington, the setting will be perfect for Satyr‘s raspy vocals to take centre stage and set you up for Bloodstock in two months time.


Where?: Zippo Encore stage
When?: Sunday @ 3:20pm
Who do they clash with?: Parkway Drive (Main), Bleed From Within (Zippo), Radkey (Red Bull)
Listen: Twilight Of The Thunder God (Live at Summer Breeze)

The Swedish vikings are back after their performance in 2008 to remind you that their heritage is awesome. Being pitted against Parkway Drive on main is a difficult clash, especially when you notice that Bleed From Within are also playing at the same time on third. Pubic beards be warned, you will feel out of place in front of the windmilling fury of Amon Amarth.


Where?: Pepsi Max stage
When?: Friday @ 5:55pm
Who do they clash with?: Korn (Main), Volbeat (Zippo), Blood Command (Red Bull)
Listen: One More (Live)

The other big clash of the weekend falls midway through Friday when Turisas are pitted against Korn, Volbeat, Blood Command and We Are The Ocean. All of the people with painted red/black faces will be heading to Turisas to have a drunken sing-along to metal anthems like ‘Battle Metal’ and ‘To Holmgard And Beyond’.


Where?: Zippo Encore stage
When?: Saturday @ 2:50pm
Who do they clash with?: Mastodon (Main), Walking Papers (Pepsi Max), Silent Screams (Red Bull), Straight Lines (Jagermeister)
Listen: Soil’s Song (Live)
Why?: Sure, they may not be the most cheerful chappies in the world, but Katatonia‘s doomy rock songs are like Opeth without the technicality. They’re pretty depressing, but if that’s your thing then head to second stage mid-Saturday.


Where?: Zippo Encore stage
When?: Sunday @ 5:10pm
Who do they clash with?: Stone Sour / The Gaslight Anthem (Main), Red Fang (Pepsi Max), The Howling (Red Bull), Pig Iron (Jagermeister)
Listen: Death Knell (Live at London Brixton O2 Academy, 2013
Why?: If you’ve never heard of Ghost then you’re in for a surprise. You’re in for even more of a surprise if you know what they look like, but have never listened to them. The Nameless Ghouls and Papa Emeritus II will possibly be out of place if it’s sunny, but their blackened-Beatles sound will certainly not be one to miss.


Where?: Pepsi Max stage
When?: Saturday @ 7:00pm
Who do they clash with?: Queens Of The Stone Age (Main), Jimmy Eat World / Enter Shikari (Zippo), Voodoo Six (Red Bull)
Listen: Blooming Blades (Live)
Why?: If for some bizarre reason you’re not watching QOTSA on main, you’ll find that the alternative on third is pretty good. The Taiwanese metallers’ Dimmu Borgir worship is surprisingly accesible. So, Asian black metal, some crazy Taiwanese instrument and the gorgeous Doris Yeh. YEAH.


Where?: Pepsi Max stage
When?: Saturday @ 1:10pm
Who do they clash with?: Black Star Riders (Main), Escape the Fate (Zippo), Astroid Boys (Red Bull), The Killing Floor (Jagermeister)
Listen: No One Survives (Music Video)
Why?: Just watch the video. There is a fucking goblin in the band, or is there? Is he actually in the band? Who the hell knows. FUCK BRAD.


Where?: Jagermeister stage
When?: Sunday @ 12:10pm
Who do they clash with?: Cancer Bats (Main), Hellyeah (Zippo), Krokodil (Pepsi Max), Mordecai (Red Bull)
Listen: Vortex (Live at Bloodstock 2011)
Why?: Faced with a bit of a graveyard slot on Sunday morning, Arthemis will be lucky to garner much of a crowd. Those who do take the option will be greeted with power metal that isn’t as shit as DragonForce.


Where?: Red Bull stage
When?: Saturday @ 1:55pm
Who do they clash with?: Black Star Riders (Main), Hardcore Superstar (Zippo), Earthtone9 (Pepsi Max), Fahran (Jagermeister)
Listen: Blackbirds Fall (Live)
Why?: Here you go then, Black Moth are a band that you should listen to right now. They sound a lot like Electric Wizard and should get a good audience for Saturday lunchtime.


Where?: Doghouse stage
When?: Thursday @ 6:30pm
Who do they clash with?: N/A
Listen: Subservience (Music Video)
Why?: The first band to play in the grounds of Donington this year will be Subservience, who open the Boardie Takeover on Thursday night in the Village.


Where?: Red Bull stage
When?: Friday @ 1:00pm
Who do they clash with?: Rise To Remain (Main), Dir En Grey (Zippo), Emperor Chung (Pepsi Max)
Listen: Earthshaker (Live at Sonisphere 2011)
Why?: No, not the Led Zeppelin tribute band featuring Mike Portnoy, but a different one altogether that plays down-tempo sludge a la Crowbar.

Next time: The strange, the different and the downright bizarre, featuring Rammstein, Volbeat and Dir En Grey!

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