DOWNLOAD 2013 PREVIEW: America Invades

Welcome to part two in a series of features previewing this year’s Download Festival. Each week, we shall be looking at a particular genre or scene that will be represented at the festival. You may have heard some of the more established bands, but these previews may introduce you to similar bands that are in the same vain.

In part three, we shall be taking a look at bands from America, specifically those who dwell in the desert rock scene:


Where?: Jim Marshall stage
When?: Saturday @ 6:40pm
Who do they clash with?: Jimmy Eat World / Enter Shikari (Zippo), Chthonic (Pepsi Max), Voodoo Six (Red Bull)
Listen: A Song For The Dead (Live at Glastonbury 2002)

Despite being around for so long, Queens Of The Stone Age have never before played the grounds of Donington Park. Dave Grohl has recently been added to the band on drums for their upcoming new album and, despite claims that he won’t be joining the band on stage for Download, does he honestly have anything better to do that weekend?


Where?: Jim Marshall stage
When?: Saturday @ 2:30pm
Who do they clash with?: Katatonia (Zippo), Walking Papers (Pepsi Max), Silent Screams (Red Bull), Straight Lines (Jagermeister)
Listen: Circle Of Cysquatch (Live at Download Festival 2007)

Mastodon play exactly mid-way through the festival, so make sure that you’re over at the main stage come Saturday afternoon for some insanely brain melting, sky crushing metal desert style.


Where?: Jim Marshall stage
When?: Friday @ 4:45pm
Who do they clash with?: Europe(Zippo), In This Moment (Pepsi Max), Verses (Red Bull), Hear Kitty Kitty (Jagermeister)
Listen: Stone The Crow (Live at Download Festival 2009)

If there’s one band that encompasses the spirit of Download, it’s Down. The festival is named after them for goodness sake! Okay, maybe it’s not. Still, Down are the band that everyone is always talking about come mid-June, and Phil Anselmo (ex-Pantera) will be sure to beat the living shit out of you if you decide to go and see some poser band on another stage.


Where?: Zippo Encore stage
When?: Sunday @ 11:50am
Who do they clash with?: Cancer Bats (Jim Marshall), States of Panic (Pepsi Max), The First (Red Bull)
Listen: Hellyeah (Live at Milwaukee 2010)
Why?: Well okay, Hellyeah may be a poor man’s Down, but they aren’t clashing with them, so why the fuck wouldn’t you go and see them?


Where?: Zippo Encore stage
When?: Friday @ 9:25pm
Who do they clash with?: Slipknot (Jim Marshall), HIM (Pepsi Max), Fearless Vampire Killers (Red Bull)
Listen: Lonely Train (Live at Download Festival 2009)
Why?: BSC are headlining second stage this year for some reason. Maybe it’s because everyone will be watching Slipknot at the same time. Nonetheless, lots of people seem to like them, but if you don’t already or you just don’t want to watch Slipknot, maybe this set will be for you.


Where?: Pepsi Max stage
When?: Sunday @ 5:15pm
Who do they clash with?: The Gaslight Anthem (Jim Marshall), Ghost (Zippo), The Howling (Red Bull), Pig Iron (Jagermeister)
Listen: Prehistoric Dog (Live at Hellfest 2011)
Why?: Red Fang may end up being one of the dark horses for best set this year. Their sludgy tunes are chewy as fuck and will leave you searching for the hemorrhoid cream to soothe your exploded bottom.


Where?: Pepsi Max stage
When?: Friday @ 4:15pm
Who do they clash with?: Papa Roach (Jim Marshall), Dragonforce (Zippo), Page 44 (Red Bull), Toseland (Jagermeister)
Listen?: Freya (Live at Bonnaroo 2011)
Why?: The Sword must have gone and burgled Tony Iommi‘s brain, because they’ve got more riffs than you can shake a stick at.


Where?: Zippo Encore stage
When?: Sunday @ 1:30pm
Who do they clash with?: Little Caesar Brutality Will Prevail (Pepsi Max), Black Dogs / Huntress (Red Bull), Night x Night (Jagermeister)
Listen: The Siren (Live at Bonnaroo 2011)
Why?: Okay, so they’re not from the US, but they still typify the sound of American rock ‘n’ roll. These Swedes are stepping up and trying with great success to step into Led Zeppelin‘s huge shoes.


Where?: Red Bull stage
When?: Sunday @ 1:55pm
Who do they clash with?: Five Finger Death Punch (Main), Brutality Will Prevail (Pepsi Max), Night x Night (Jagermeister)
Listen: Spell Eater (Live at Denver, April 13th 2012)
Why: Huntress‘ success may be controversial thanks to the fact that 90% of it is based on lead singer Jill Janus‘ boobs, but watch without the cynicism and they really aren’t that bad.


Where?: Zippo Encore stage
When?: Sunday @ 2:25pm
Who do they clash with?: Five Finger Death Punch (Jim Marshall), Hacktivist (Pepsi Max), Buffalo Summer (Red Bull)
Listen: Blue Garden (Live)
Why?: MOR have been around since 1981, but you’d be forgiven if they’ve slipped under your radar. They pack the prowess of Alice In Chains and, despite having a slightly different sound to others in this section, still form part of the ‘desert rock’ scene in the US.


Where?: Pepsi Max stage
When?: Saturday @ 3:35pm
Who do they clash with?: Alice In Chains (Jim Marshall), Karnivool (Zippo), Crowns (Jagermeister)
Listen: Perplexed Again (Music Video)
Why?: Empress are another fake entry here, hailing from the UK, but they may well be our answer to Mastodon. They’ve popped onto everyone’s radar with less than five songs to their name, but they’ve got enough hype behind them to make them an intriguing prospect.

Next week: Hard rock, featuring Papa Roach, Alice In Chains, and Buckcherry!