BEHIND THE SCENES: Sumo Cyco – Love You Wrong

Independent Canadian punk metallers Sumo Cyco are heading to our shores for a huge set on the Avalanche Stage on the Friday of Download Festival, and are even throwing in a headline few shows. The Hamilton band have just released their video for new single ‘Love You Wrong’ and have put together a ‘Making Of’ video documentary for it.

You can stream the behind the scenes video below.

We caught up with vocalist Skye Sweetnam to talk about their new video for ‘Love You Wrong’, their upcoming performance at Download Festival and the rest of the summer.

DP!: How has the reaction been to your new single ‘Love You Wrong’?
Skye: The reaction has been really great. We’ve been holding on to this song for a while, knowing we wanted to release it as the first look at the new music. So it feels great to finally get it out to the world. We’re very excited to play it live for fans on this upcoming tour.

DP!: What was the experience like making the video?
Skye: This music video is something I’m pretty proud of as a producer/director. The challenge of being an independent band and making music videos is getting the most production value for the lowest cost. Thinking outside the box and using all resources you have is key to coming up with good results. So I put more thought into the shots, styling, lighting and planning than I ever have before. The experience is a lot of jumping behind and then in front of the camera. We filmed in an abandoned house that I guess was pretty well known to the neighbourhood. We realised this quickly when of all the cars stopped to look and a few concern citizens called the cops. We only had the cops show up two times though!

DP!: How is the crowdfunding experience? What made you take this route?
Skye: We just started crowdfunding for the new album last month and are 40% funded as of today. So if you’re reading this, check out our album 3 funding campaign here! There, you can take a quiz to see which ‘Cyco City’ club you belong to and check out the themed bundles. It’s our way of having a bit of fun with the new theme of the album.

We learned a MASSIVE amount during our last campaign. There are so many loop holes that bands can overlook when they start a campaign that can actually eat into your costs. The “Goal amount” is the overall total and there’s still expenses to incur for all the products, shipping, packaging etc. so money raised to go into the actual recording dwindles away pretty quickly if there’s not proper planning done.

We previously did our first campaign through Pledge Music site, but due to the recent problems they’ve had paying artists, we decided to build a crowdfunding page from scratch using Shopify and Singlemusic. This is a challenge within itself, but we are a pretty hands on when it comes to all aspects of our career and this was an important puzzle piece to get right. So far the campaign is working really well.

DP!: What are you most looking forward to about Download Festival 2019?
Skye: Performing on stage for sure! We have been lucky enough to be asked to perform our full electric set on the Friday but also play an even longer acoustic set on Saturday at the Carlsberg Danish Quarter. We’re also excited to see what the hype is all about. I can’t count how many times our fans have come up to us as asked when we were going to be playing Download, now here we are!

DP!: What makes Download stand out compared to other shows and festivals?
Skye: Well I’ll get we’ll find out, won’t we? The reason it appeals to me is it’s absolutely amazing how many great bands are together in one place. I feel honoured to be a part of the line-up. It’s one of those festivals that even with only 4 stages, there’s still conflict when two bands you want to see are playing at once. That’s a good sign of a top notch festival.

DP!: Why should people come and check you out?
Skye: Ahhh well I guess I can toot our own horn for a minute. Haha! We put an emphasis on being entertainers, not just musicians. The set we’re playing blasts through as many tracks as we can, creating a super intense hard hitting 30 minutes. Because we are a newer band we are super hungry to show the crowd at Download what we got… so we’re going to play our hearts out!

DP!: What do you guys have planned in Summer after Download is done and dusted?
Skye: What do you mean after Download? How will anything compare after that?! haha Well we still have more writing and recording to do to finish the album, we will be gearing up for the next single and the release of the album. Get ready!

DP!: If you could pick any band ever to play at Download with you this year, who would you pick?
Skye: Skindred, and my fav, Benji! It’s unfortunate that he’s traveling on the Friday, the day we play our set or else I’d be bugging him to join us on stage for Move Mountains.

DP!: If you had to pick 5 other bands that you were most looking forward to seeing at Download, who would you pick?
Skye: Looking forward to Slipknot, Enter Shikari, Tool, Fever 333 & Clutch

Sumo Cyco are on tour on the following dates.

JUNE 7 – SWANSEA, Bunkhouse
JUNE 9 – BRIDGEWATER, The Cobblestones
JUNE 12 – GLASGOW, Attic
JUNE 14 – DONINGTON, Download Festival

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