Bands are always on the listen out for creative ideas and influences, and all kind of inspiration that they can incorporate into the music that they make. Everyone has a story of when they listened to that record that changed their life and in a lot of cases – why they decided to start to pick up an instrument. We’re setting out to talk to your favourite bands about who inspires what they do and what goes into their music.

Leeds newcomers Values came together from previous projects Anchored By Avarice and Portraits and are already about to release their first EP ‘Broken Nation’, after less than a year of playing together. Their new blend of melodic hardcore is raising eyebrows throughout the music industry, so we wanted to catch their thoughts about all the bands that make them who they are.



Chosen by Chris Ward

While She Sleeps had me hooked from the start, with their EP ‘The North Stands For Nothing’. Their mix of punchy & aggressive hardcore riffs with shredding melodic lead guitar was instantly something that I knew I was going to love. Their sound has developed much more than that through to their most recent album ‘Brainwashed’ with them going back to the roots of metalcore & having slamming riffs that you have to move your head for. The way their lyrics speak out to their fans as though we are all a band of brothers in for the ride together helps you relate to the music they write and appreciate the band that much more. I’ve seen them live numerous times and they have always left a huge impression on me no matter if they were the first band of the night or the headliner.



Chosen by Jack Bhogal

I’ve always loved techy riffs and bouncy breakdowns from Veil Of Mara’s previous music but this new album really grabbed my attention. The first song they released was ‘Phoenix’ and it was very similar to their older music which I instantly loved. The band are now fronted by a new member and he has brought a much more dynamic vocal range to the band such as the cleans, which I really like. My favourite tracks are ‘Ellie’, ‘Lucy’ & ‘Aeris’. These speak out to me the most as their music is about finding out who we really are and how we are being awakened into a new realm of consciousness on a spiritual level. The bass sweep solo in ‘Lucy’ gets me every time I hear it, and the music itself makes me strive to be a better player. Overall it’s a great album and although I’m kinda glad they’ve branched out a bit more vocal wise, the music will always remain incredible.


August Burns Red Messengers

Chosen by Ryan Booth

The drums for the tracks on this album are what inspired me and changed my playing to be what it is today. The strong complexity of his parts whilst maintaining the feel of the song without being too over the top and distasteful is something I always strive to achieve when it comes to writing parts for the Values material.



Chosen by Nathan Baker

My favourite band has got to be Malevolence with ‘Reign of Suffering’ being my favourite album. It’s my favourite album because I’ve liked Malevolence since ‘Wraith’ and ‘Awake to Life Immortal’ came out back in the day, and the ‘Reign of Suffering’ album shows how they’ve matured from a local metal band into a professional riff factory! It’s got reasonable riffs, catchy vocals, beatdowns that make me want to maul a friend or relative, and 2steps that make it impossible not to nod along to! In my eyes this album has everything that any person into this music would find hard not to find reasonable!

Values‘ debut EP ‘Broken Nation’ is released on February 19th 2016 through Ghost Music, and you can follow the band on (Facebook) and watch the video for Ripped Jeans here.

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