Los Angeles post-hardcore newcomers The World Over are led by Tiaday Ball, granddaughter of guitar product entrepreneur Ernie Ball, who’s looking to take her band to international recognition. Having already supported The Browning and Attila, it looks like we’ll be seeing a lot more of the California rockers over the next year. To make sure we get an insight into the thought process behind the music, we got The World Over to talk us through what inspired them when writing their latest EP ‘Mountains’.

As Chosen By Ryan (Guitar)

During the writing process of this album I started listening to the Deftones pretty heavily. Normally I’m not a huge fan of music that’s so repetitive but somehow they manage to keep me hooked despite being that way. The song ‘Rosemary’ is a prime example of this. They literally just chug 8th notes the entire time and play the same riff almost all the way through. It’s so simple but soooo good and sounds fucking epic! That song in particular made me wanna figure out how they do this. How can you be so repetitive without being a nuisance? Ironically it opened my mind up to a lot of things. It inspired me to simplify the writing process and just write good songs instead of trying to be flashy or trying to fit every idea into the same song. Less is more I suppose, and that concept was applied pretty heavily to our latest record.

As Chosen By Tiaday (Vocals)

When it comes to lyrics, I pull creatively from a lot of different sources in music as well as poetry. I LOVE button poetry and Andrea Gibson is a huge inspiration as well. As for lyrics in music, I think Amanda Palmer is a brilliant writer as well as Vic Fuentes of Pierce The Veil. One of my favorite songs would have to be ‘Caraphernelia’. I really admire artists who can leave their hearts and minds exposed to the world with their lyrics and that’s what I try to do with my writing. I don’t want to write songs without a story to tell. I think that’s our duty as lyricists; we’re story-tellers! We write music that can touch other people who can relate or empathize with what we’re going through and that gives me a sense of purpose. To get my stories out there, to touch and inspire others with music.

As Chosen By Tiaday (Vocals)

When we were writing our most recent album ‘Mountains’, I had been listening to PVRIS and the new Bring Me The Horizon album on repeat. I think all of us were really inspired by both albums and how both groups expanded the boundaries of their genre and got out of being pigeon-holed to one “post-hardcore” scene while staying true to their roots. We all strived for that in this record and I think it shows when you listen to both of our albums back to back. There is a huge difference from our last record ‘Rampart District’, and I personally believe we achieved that goal and found the sound we were looking for.


As Chosen By Donovan (Bass)

I think that the new Bring Me the Horizon record ‘That’s the Spirit’ really influenced the way that I approached the writing process for ‘Mountains’. Just because it really gave not only myself, but all of us an outlet on where to take our sound. In my view, Bring Me The Horizon really got to that breakthrough level over the years through trial and error. And I believe that for us, we were also at that stage when we began writing ‘Mountains’. I admire the fact that a band, much like ours, that started as a very hardcore/”chuggy” band could not only really hone in on such a fresh new sound, but also keep their tone and keep true to their original concepts both lyrically and stylistically. We hope to keep our sound moving forward and to hopefully one day become one of the great cross-over Rock bands like BMTH.

The World Over‘s EP ‘Mountains’ is out now and you can listen to it on Spotify (here). Make sure you follow the band online via Facebook (here) and Twitter (here).

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