Czech Republic/UK hardcore punk crossover merchants Skywalker are planning for the release of their brand new EP ‘Sugar House’ to showcase their brand of skate punk. The band are tour heavy and sit anywhere from playing shows with NOFX to seeing them with Madball – so take a look at the bands that Skywalker hand picked as their most influential.


By far the most important band in our lives. If it hadn’t been for Blink, we’d never have picked up instruments and started playing music. Surely we listened to bands before Blink, but this was the band that made us think “yeah, I wanna make music and have fun with it”. Absolutely, the greatest band ever.


This was the band that showed us that pop punk can be combined with hardcore and metal in a way that is not your typical cheesy easycore but something much more mature and solid. I remember vividly how fascinated I was with the sound of ‘Homesick’ when I first heard it. I couldn’t believe this was possible.


We’ve always loved the immediacy of TGI’s sound. We love the heaviness of their truly metallic sound combined with the fastness and audacity of punk rock.


Especially whilst working with Seb Barlow on our latest record ‘Sugar House’, we had the chance to look deeper into the sound of this massively important band of modern day pop punk. As pop punk is a huge chunk of our sound, we are happy to admit that Neck Deep have influenced us in many ways.


I guess this is our favourite hardcore punk band. We never considered ourselves hardcore kids and we’re not a hardcore band per se, so we don’t always enjoy the simplicity of hardcore sound. I suppose that’s why we appreciate the depth, musical complexity and lyrical originality of this truly unique band.

Skywalker‘s new record ‘Sugar House’ is out on September 1st and available to pre-order on the band’s BigCartel here. You can follow the band via their Facebook (here) and Twitter (here).