Manchester pop-punks Not Today have just released their second EP ‘Headway’ and are looking to emulate their heroes that they listened to when they were younger. We caught up with the band as they each chose a stand-out album that inspired them to start a band and make their brand of upbeat, effervescent music.


Chosen by Alex

The album I picked as one of my most inspirational has to be ‘Chuck’ by Sum 41, as it was my first real foray into the world of pop-punk and it came at a pretty young age. I remember watching Fantastic Four in 2005 and while Johnny Flame was skiing down the mountain, ‘Noots’ was playing in the background. I heard the song and fell so in love with it I played it on repeat. I finally decided to listen to the entire album and I was hooked. It was so new and fresh; being only ten years old it was also the heaviest thing I’d heard and I knew I wanted to get further into alternative music. Sum 41‘s ability to blend that metallic hardcore sound with pop-punk is still pretty unparalleled today and it remains one of my favourite albums of all time, and the reason I picked up a guitar and started playing.


Chosen by Mitch

Being a Tom Delonge enthusiast, I’m going to have to go with Blink… it was tricky to decide which album to go for but I finally decided on ‘Take off Your Pants and Jacket’. I love everything about it: the guitar tones, the harmonies, the production, everything. It also features some of the most underrated (and in my opinion, some of the best) songs they ever wrote such as ‘Story of a Lonely Guy’ or ‘Please Take Me Home’; which are certified bangers! I could go on for pages and pages about how much I love this album but I’ll stop here…


Chosen by Sam

The album that inspired the pop-punk side of me was ‘Never Happy, Ever After’ by As It Is. Being the late pop-punk bloomer of the band, it was this album that finally threw me headfirst into the genre. I’d heard their name thrown about so I listened to the full album on a YouTube stream and then instantly went and bought the album off, which I then played pretty much non-stop for the entire summer of 2015. I think the rest of the band were just happy I was finally listening to music from the genre we were playing…


Chosen by Simon

I’m gonna go with ‘Good Luck’ by Decade. In an environment where pop-punk was starting to become over-saturated and stale, Decade pulled through with an album that really stood out amongst the crowd. Swapping the standard pop punk 4 chord structure for something much more interesting, they were able to create songs that were both unpredictable and catchy. If you like pop-punk but are getting bored of the generic and overused format, give this album a spin. You won’t be disappointed.

Not Today‘s brand new EP ‘Headway’ is out now and you can order it via Bandcamp (here). Make sure you follow the band on online via Facebook (here) and Twitter (here).