Following the disbanding of CANAYA, Leeds 3-piece Nomasta were born to play riffs to make even the likes of Kvelertak and Mastodon jealous. The experience the band picked up through 13 years of playing shows means they’re a new band that are already approaching their final, perfected form. With debut record ‘House Of The Tiger King’ due early November, we wanted to delve into the minds of Nomasta so we got bassist Kris Allen and guitarist/vocalist Owen Wilson to pick the records that have influenced them in some way.


As chosen by Kris

‘Around The Fur’ not only contains ‘Be Quiet & Drive’, one of my favourite songs of all time, it is also stand out example on how a metal band can include melodic singing, harmonies, as well as huge riffs correctly. I love that blend and I think this is pretty apparent in any band or project I’ve been involved in. Chino has an incredibly unique voice and he would utilise his range and different tones in very creative ways. I remember the videos to this album being really cool as well.


As chosen by Owen

4 albums in and Metallica were still showing the world they could be heavier, more technical and darker in content than any other band on the same commercial level. ‘Justice’ showcases a band that had experienced massive personal highs & extreme lows who had no other option but to channel it into their music. It’s innovative and intelligently crafted, pushing the boundaries of thrash metal into more of a thinking mans’ realm. Layered guitars, arrangements, fast & slow tempos… Nomasta probably influence from this every step of the way.


As chosen by Kris

Impossible to choose one Gojira album really, everything from ‘…Mars to Sirius’ onwards is perfect in my opinion. They have what is possibly the fattest and tightest studio sound, and then when they perform live it is replicated perfectly; it’s truly scary. The main riff in ‘Flying Whales’ is one of the greatest riffs of all time, it never quits!


As chosen by Owen

Pantera never sounded like anyone else and that was a huge appeal. The technical precision that they were capable of, against the looseness and groove that they would integrate into their style really made them stand out from the typical thrash or sludge crowd. They also knew how to write catchy hooks. This was probably the heaviest album to make it into the commercial charts; it is relentless and diverse from start to finish. ‘I’m Broken’ (that intro riff!) was a great contrast against everything they had released previously and still sounds fresh every time it’s played.


As chosen by Kris

The beating heart that starts this album rising to a deafening crescendo sets the tone for this entire record! Sepultura’s mix of manic tribal rhythms (Igor is flawless) and politically focused lyrics changed my view on metal completely. They really introduced new elements to the genre that made them stand out. ‘Chaos A.D.’ (along with ‘Arise’ and ‘Roots’) was a massive influence on us when we were kids. Andy used to save up and get the first-day editions of all their singles, I’m still jealous of his collection!

Nomasta‘s debut album ‘House Of The Tiger King’ is out November 3rd and you can see the lyric video to ‘Dawnbreaker’ (here) You can follow the band via their Facebook (here), Instagram (here) and BandCamp (here)