It’s always great to hear a band play their hearts out singing songs that they’ve carefully crafted, but it’s also interesting to notice parts in songs that could be written by someone else. We’re setting out to talk to your favourite bands about who inspires what they do and what goes into their music.

Bath based four-piece Montrose are a young band that are just starting to find their feet in the pop punk world. Second EP ‘Monster Under the Bed‘ is due to drop on June 15th, and ahead of its release we’ve asked the band who personally inspires them when playing music.


letlive. – Homeless Jazz

As well as being an insanely talented band, letlive.‘s live performance (especially Jason Butler) is partly what made me want to be a frontman in the first place. The energy he brings on stage is inspiring itself, but the band as a whole never fail to impress. They’re just a band I’ll always have time for.


Van Halen – Jump

I could make something up, but it’s pretty much just because Van Halen inspired me to play guitar. Doesn’t get much more upbeat, the song comes with instructions..


Counterparts – Wither

A more serious one now guys, I’ve spent years admiring Kelly‘s style and try to bring it into my own style too. The lyrical content of Counterparts really moves me. There’s a section in ‘Walking Contradiction‘ that’s influenced directly by these guys.


Michael Bolton – Go the Distance

I’m a sucker for a good power ballad (honestly) and driving to gigs/tours are pretty much full of them because of me (sorry guys). In a genuine way though, the key changes in the last choruses in Michael Bolton songs did influence the idea for us to recently shift up a key when playing ‘Fit For A King‘ live!


The Wonder Years – Passing Through a Screen Door

When we first started Montrose, The Wonder Years were one of the bands that was a direct reason for us even starting up. We were listening to ‘The Upsides‘ and talking about how fun it would be to play songs like this, and they’re one of the main reasons we play the way we do. The reason we picked this song is because it quite often results in badly screamed sing-alongs whenever we’re out and about!