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Atmospheric post-hardcore rockers Lastelle have been compared with the likes of Casey, Underoath, Being As An Ocean, and The Elijah as the Oxfordshire quintet are creating powerful hooks textured soundscapes of post-rock.

We caught up with Lastelle who put their heads together and picked out 6 bands that have inspired them over the years.


Rich: These guys have been around for quite a while and I’ve had the pleasure of seeing them live multiple times. There’s something about this band that you just can’t find anywhere else, the instrumentals alone are so powerful and tear inducing, especially when you hear them at gig volume. I’d love to share the stage with them in the near future!


Rich: This band will satisfy those looking for incredibly powerful melodies but also precise and technical musicianship, and they blend the two perfectly. Despite the guitar trickery and deep subject matter of their tracks they come across as incredibly positive human beings, something LASTELLE holds in high regard.


Fred: I was kind of late to the party with these guys, and missed the opportunity to see them at ArcTanGent festival in the UK, when they headlined in 2016. As a redeeming factor, by musically neglecting this band, I discovered them not long before they put their second album out, whereas a a lot of people were waiting 17 years for LP2. I absolutely love Mike Kinsella’s songwriting in all of these records, while his use of harmony is really unique in the direction he chooses to move the melodies. Sometimes, the math-rock elements of a band can remove the accessibility of a band to a newcomer; these guys blend indie, emo, math-rock and alt-rock seamlessly in a way that spoke to me immediately. Speaking of accessible, easy listening indie music…


Fred: These guys sit at the other end of my musical taste. Meshuggah are so unapologetically unrelenting, which mirrors my relationship with them really well – all of the band are totally fed up of me talking about Meshuggah, except maybe Jonjo. Now I’ve got a platform to say it, I actually don’t have a huge amount to say! The way they write songs is this really tight balance between complete randomness and precision; I love how methodically they create parts. They are one of the tightest live bands I’ve ever seen, and their sound is so enormous that it instantly fills me with energy, no matter where I am.


Jonjo: Underoath are a band that have massively shaped my music taste and playing/writing style. As a teenager I loved Metalcore music, and Underoath were one of those bands – but they’re one of the few where my opinion on them hasn’t changed as my music taste has evolved over the years. Unlike a lot of other bands in their genre, they incorporated a lot of atmospheric textures alongside the heavy stuff, and had a strong focus on ambience. Tracks of theirs like “Casting Such A Thin Shadow” really opened my eyes to how you can sound huge without to play heavy.


Jonjo: I didn’t know who Caspian were when I first saw them live, as they were supporting Defeater on tour. I assumed they were another hardcore band, but when they wheeled out 3 Fender guitar amps, I knew they weren’t going to be what I expected. They absolutely blew my mind, and since then have been one of my favourite bands. The pure emotion that they’re able to portray through their melodies without lyrics or vocals is one of the things that puts them above a lot of other bands in the genre for me. I feel like one of their songs can say so much more than a lot of non-instrumental band’s entire albums can.

Lastelle‘s new single ‘Coping Without A Cure’ is out now.

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