BANDS THAT INSPIRE: Great American Ghost

Credit: Promo

They don’t come much angrier than Boston quartet Great American Ghost so it’s no surprise that their third record ‘Power Through Terror’ is another self-loathing metal-fuelled onslaught.

The hardcore/metal band are full of influences from the world of heavy music with vocalist Ethan Harrison saying “No matter how much my dudes listen to Meshuggah and Gojira, I’m always going to sound like I love American Nightmare because I do” when talking about guitarist Niko Gasparrini and bassist Joey Perron. We grabbed the band to find out a bit more about the music that has inspired them and their new record.


As chosen by Niko

Pantera has heavily influenced the level of simplicity we have in our songs and guitar parts. When you hear most Pantera riffs the for first time you are left humming them. They stick with you. The simple pop structure and relentless aggression they have throughout songs has also been a huge influence on us. We strive to make sure that every single song that we write has no filler in the same way that Pantera never phoned it in. Finally their energetic live presence and band comradery on stage is absolutely something we aspire to.


As chosen by Joey

Gojira has influenced Great American Ghost heavily due to their massive sound and tight rhythmic riffs. A good riff goes a long way and doesn’t need to be filled with a bunch of notes and changes for it to be impactful. Gojira’s live sound is huge and destructive and has changed the way that we as a band approach our live show. A larger than life sound, that’s the goal.


As chosen by Davier

Slipknot strongly influenced the band with their high-energy, intense drumming that enhances and highlights the groove and simplicity of the songs. All of those things are used to compliment the strong message in the lyrics and vocals in the band. Every member of a nine-piece band works together to make the whole greater than the sum of the parts, and that matters to us. Their live show and force as a unit on stage is something that Great American Ghost strives for.


As chosen by Ethan

Misery Signals was one of the first bands I had ever heard that screamed. They changed my life. To this day I still think about the way that I felt seeing them perform ‘A Victim A Target’ before ‘Of Malice and The Magnum Heart’ was released. I remember being able to hear and feel how intensely they felt while still being blown away by how precise they were. The combination of those two feelings is something I try to constantly keep in mind with Great American Ghost. I want to make kids feel something similar to how I felt seeing Misery Signals that first time.

Great American Ghost release their new album ‘Power Through Terror’ is out now, via eOne.

You can pre-order the album online from the band’s BandCamp (here), iTunes (here), Amazon Music (here) and Google Play (here).

You can keep up-to-date with the band online over on Facebook, Twitter and Twitter.