Why did your favourite band pick up a guitar and start playing? Who moulded them into the band they are today? Who do they look up to now? We’re setting out to answer these questions by talking to musicians about who inspires what they do and what goes into their music.

Graces 16.20.17

Over and Out frontman Steve Harrison has started a brand new solo venture into music as Graces – an ambiance filled escape with a thought provoking and emotional backbone. Steve gave Dead Press! an insight in to what has inspired his new project and what he listened to growing up.

Brand New – Sowing Season

As over the top as it sounds ‘The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me’ is one of my favourite albums of all time. When I first bought it, I put it on and didn’t really like it very much so I left it alone. I came back a few weeks later and realised it was up until that point probably the most beautiful, emotive and dynamic records I’ve ever heard. Sowing Season is the perfect mix of delicate moments and screaming power, it just has everything! The first time I saw them play was definitely a pseudo religious experience for me.

Jeff Buckley – Witches’ Rave 

Not sure if this counts as a ‘band’ but Jeff Buckley is another guy who changed my entire musical DNA. Witches’ Rave is a song that was only released after his death and although I love every second of his debut album, this song has a certain something that I just can’t shake. Amazing vocals and imaginative songwriting.

Reuben – Stuck In My Throat

Rueben were another band that grew on me to the point I had to hear every note they’d ever played. Jamie Lenman has such style and perspective in his lyrics, his voice is so recognisable and it’s just like he’s talking directly to you. Also the final chorus of Stuck in My Throat where he changes the lyrics is a highlight, it’s the climax of the song but they always take it a little bit further than you’d expect.

Every Time I Die – Thirst

Every Time I Die might seem an odd choice for me considering how different Graces sounds to these guys but I can honestly say I love them. They’re so creative, everything is irregular and always changing, and it’s inspiring to listen to a song and not have any idea where it’s going to end up. Keith Buckley is such a talented lyricist ranging from almost biblical sounding poetry to powerful visceral statements; ‘They know you better, I love you best’.

Seahaven – Wild West Selfishness

Seahaven are one of the newer bands in my list. Their record ‘Reverie Lagoon: Music For Escapism Only’ has such a cohesive mood and atmosphere. Everything is soaked in reverb and I love it. Wild West Selfishness has such great impact at the end.

Graces‘ debut release ‘EP1’ is out now, and you can watch the video for Amber here.