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London metal mob Death Remains are back with their brand new single ‘Self Reflection’ that sees the band develop 2017’s ‘Destroy/Rebuild’ thrash/hardcore sound by adding technical 6 strings downtuned to C.

We caught up with Death Remains who put their heads together and picked out 10 bands that have inspired them over the years.


Kris: The band has always found a way to bend genres and still stay entertaining and not over the top. The first album I listened to was “id” and I have never stopped listening. Even when they got a new vocalist and started incorporating cleans. Many of my friends stepped away from them or vocally bashed them. Adding a new style or member completely can definitely shake a fanbase, especially when it’s the vocalist. VOM seems to be doing just fine and writing amazing music still.

Si: Veil has always been a huge inspiration for me and will continue to be influential. As far as I’m concerned, they are pioneers of their craft and never fail to impress. Marc Okubo is a fantastic songwriter and producer – I would encourage any metal guitarist to try and learn some VOM riffs, it will make you a better player. I caught them live in London when they were touring with Dance Gavin Dance and they were amazing. – Si


Kris: The first metal album I got into was Nocturnal. I went from listening to my mom’s Zeppelin and Boston tapes to this. Totally changed my outlook on drums. Bought my double pedal pretty much the next day. They definitely inspired a lot of musicians and groups for their unique style and consistency to their sound over time. I know there is a lot of death metal bands out there and could list a 100 that blow my mind but I always find myself returning to their tracks.


Si: Periphery was one of the first bands I heard when getting into modern metal music and was blown away by how different it was and the musicality they bring to the genre. They are a huge influence in my songwriting and I would imagine for many other bands as well. Their live shows are some of the best shows you can see, so go watch them!


Si: I think we all know the impact that Dayseeker has had on metal, they’ve helped to establish a fresh genre called New Core. Some incredible songwriting and deep lyrical content that’s very inspiring for me. I haven’t seen them live yet, but as soon as I get a chance to, I will be there. Check them out if you haven’t already.


Si: I Prevail in my opinion are leading metal into new territories. Their songwriting is great with Tyler Smyth helping them and the production is some of the best I have heard to date. Not a band to miss.


Barry: One word to describe this band, “journey”. That’s what they take you on with every release with incredible songwriting and random as hell midsections that just leave you smiling ear to ear. Time after time they step it up and that shows more than ever with their recent release ‘Guardians’.


Kris: Another band that has always caught my ear. Listened to Via for the first time and that was the end of that. They have changed a lot since then, but you can always hear their style to this day.

Si: After being recommended to listen to Via, the first thing I did was learn Wormholes. It’s such a classic song and some impeccable production was done on the album. RIP Diego.


Barry: This band have always pushed the boundaries with their sound. Ever since hearing their earlier work like ‘To The Death’ with its erratic arrangements to the slow-burning epic ‘Hollow Crown’ they always deliver and have me coming back time and time again. It’s not easy for a band to continually better themselves but they have done that with every album they’ve released.


Si: If you hear more percussive rhythm guitar in our future releases, then you have Monuments to thank for that. John Browne and Olly Steele are incredible mentors and have been ripping the scene a new one ever since the band began. A lot of my learning at the moment is coming straight from John Browne, it’s helping a lot to take the band into another direction that they haven’t ventured to before.


Eljay: Deftones have always pushed the boundaries of my listening experience, with each album they release I find myself going on a journey throughout, not many bands are on the same level as Deftones. They just have a unique sound that countless bands have tried and failed to replicate.

Death Remains‘ new single ‘Self Reflection’ is out now.

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