Hertfordshire boys Chasing Cadence have had a hell of an introduction to the music world sorting support slots with Taking Back Sunday and Don Broco and even touring arenas with TNA Xplosion Wrestling. The rock newcomers are gearing up to release their new EP ‘Destroy Something Beautiful’ and we caught up with guitarist Rob Barlow who picked 5 songs that give an insight into the writing methods that formed their new 5 track record.


When I first heard the riff drop in ‘Stuck In My Throat’, I knew needed to write a riff like it, I loved that pushed feeling you get with the 3/4 time signature so I used that and accentuated it further by using bars of 5 in the riff that can be heard in our track ‘It’s Not The Length That Counts, It’s What You Do With It’. I’d been fiddling with riffs like this for quite some time so it feels great to finally have a track coming out that uses this feature.


Throughout our entire career we’ve been massively influenced by the guys in Don Broco. There is just something about the way they write a chorus that hits home every time and we thrive to imitate. Not to mention the punchy fast paced riffs they write such as the one in ‘Fancy Dress’. This track was definitely in the playlist when writing ‘Everyone Relax’, our latest single.


To anyone that isn’t familiar with the new Fightstar album, get on this! It’s so good! The arpeggiated pattern in the chorus ‘Animal’ is something that they’ve used for years but the tonality of the synth throughout this album nails it for me. When I wrote ‘Watching The World’ I really wanted to add another layer to bring out the chorus so I thought I’d have a go at writing my own arpeggiated synth pattern.


Although we’re very rarely compared to Architects, they’re probably one of my most listened to artists (alongside Beartooth) and would absolutely have some sort of influence on my writing. One aspect in particular I try and emulate is their mellow atmospheric sections. They manage to create so much space with the addition of alternative timbres; this can be heard in ‘Gone With The Wind’ during the first verse. The Middle 8 of our track ‘Watching The World’ definitely has similarities; the subject matter of the lyrics could also be paralleled to some of Sam Carter‘s lyrics.


Again, not a band that we’d often be compared to or even one you can hear in our writing but this song is such a fantastic example of digestible punk music and something I definitely aspire to draw from when writing the album. I love the punchiness of the verses and the choruses are addictive. The lyrics are written so that almost any young rocker can relate to them “I was born just a little bit different” not to mention the absolutely massive breakdown that drops in the middle 8. Fantastic band, fantastic song, big love to Caleb Shomo for the superb production on the ‘Aggressive’ album too.

You can watch Chasing Cadence‘s brand new video for ‘Everyone Relax’ on YouTube (here), and get an instant download of the track when you pre-order the ‘Destroy Something Beautiful’ EP, out September 16th, via iTunes (here). Make sure you follow the band online via Facebook (here) and Twitter (here).

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