BANDS THAT INSPIRE: Abhorrent Decimation

The British death metal scene got a whole lot more exciting when Abhorrent Decimation dropped their debut record ‘Miasmic Mutation’ back in 2015 and now the band are signed to Prosthetic Records they are even more of a force to reckon with. Following the release of ‘The Pardoner’ in July, Abhorrent Decimation devastated Bloodstock Festival and assured as that they have successfully lived up to their potential. We got the guys to pick five records that inspired the band since they started making music.


As chosen by Ashley Scott

This record totally injected new life into my personal enjoyment of extreme music and Elliot’s no nonsense approach to vocals ignited a flame of inspiration in me to find my own “low voice”. As far as I am concerned, the guitar and vocal work on this album produced a whole new school of thought in the modern tech-death/crossover movement at that point. Many aspired, many imitated and many failed. Clinical tech-death tastefully blended with ultra groovy, hardcore beat-downs. Go and get a face full of this classic album NOW!


As chosen by Ashley Scott

This was an important record for us. We toured the UK with Hour of Penance in support of this albums release. It was our first decent tour as a band, so as well as being packed with great riffs and some savage ass drumming, it’s also one that is brims with nostalgic, fond memories.


As chosen by David Archer

I consider this album seminal, not only in regards to this band in particular, but the genre in general. The album is a masterclass in making simple riffs both powerful and interesting. I feel like many bands have tried and failed to recreate the magic that is present on this record. A classic.


As chosen by Ross Mclennan

Like a lot of people, I saw the video for ‘CAFO’ and was in that ‘do I just quit playing now?’ train of thought after. What i really like about the album is how it’s super over-indulgent, but then they throw some peeled back sections into the equation – always adding to the song. I grew up listening to the Shrapnel era releases but I’d started to get tired of it and this album brought me right back to being an instrumental guitar shred loving nerd again.


As chosen by Will Cooke & Alex Micklewright

As a huge fan of symphonic death metal this album was hugely exciting. For me, the way they blend devastatingly heavy riffs and epic orchestral arrangements is surpassed by very few, and it makes for a truly unique and recognisable sound. From start to finish this album is executed with clinical precision, whilst not sacrificing any creativity whatsoever. A must listen for ANY metal fan.

Abhorrent Decimation‘s new record ‘The Pardoner’ is out now and available to listen to and buy from different outlets (here). You can follow the band via their Facebook (here) and Twitter (here).

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