AUDIO: Sufferer – Chapter III

After launching a Kickstarter crowd funding campaign to get it started over 2 years ago, Shane Gann (guitarist of Hail The Sun) has now launched and released the debut single of his new project, Sufferer.

The project was initially titled “Sufferer: A Day with Anxiety”, through which the concept of the band’s record is to anxiety and depression through the voice and style of different vocalists.

Conceived and formed by Gann, who portrays the subject’s depression, the line-up of the super group is completed by Cory Lockwood (A Lot Like Birds) portraying the subject’s anxiety, Forrest Wright portraying the subject themselves, and Blake Dahlinger (I The Mighty).

You can stream and listen to ‘Chapter III’, the first cut taken from their upcoming record below.

Alongside the sharing of the track online via this social channels, Gann posted a statement about the inception and idea behind the Sufferer project.

“On March 18th, 2015, I launched a Kickstarter for a project called “Sufferer: A Day with Anxiety.” The concept of the record: to detail one person’s life as they struggle with anxiety and depression, with these three entities (Sufferer, Anxiety, and Depression) represented by three different vocalists.

At that time, I had written several songs for the record, recruited Cory Lockwood and Forrest Wright as vocalists/lyricists, and asked Blake Dahlinger to be our drummer. We all knew this would not be a simple undertaking, especially with three of us involved in active touring bands. We were ready for a challenge, but not to the scale we were faced with. Over the last two years, Life has handed us conflict, confusion, tragedy, disappointment, bitterness, sorrow, rage, and regret. But for all the beatings we’ve taken, all the postponements we’ve been forced to make, all the day-to-day bullshit that’s gotten in the way, we always knew this project had to be finished, for ourselves, and for everyone who believed in us over two years ago. And so today, I am elated to announce that WE’VE DONE IT. We’ve finished the record.
So, without further ado, it is with unfathomable pride and excitement that I present to you the first single, Chapter III, from a ten-chapter album that encapsulates what it means (to us) to deal with anxiety and depression. I hope it finds you exactly the way it’s meant to.”

You can head on over to the project’s official Kickstarter campaign page (here) for further information.